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Jonah: A Prophet on the Run (Not Your Average Bible Study)

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A Prophet on the Run

Jonah was a rebel prophet. When God wanted him to preach a message of hope to the city of Nineveh, Jonah fled in the opposite direction. His story of failure shows us the depths of God’s mercy—both to the prophet and to an undeserving people—and challenges us to be ambassadors of that mercy.

In Jonah: A Prophet on the Run, Miles Custis guides you through this letter with practical insights and helpful questions. Perfect for studying with a group or with just your favorite Bible, this Bible study will draw you closer to the gospel.

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Not Your Average Bible Study Series

The Not Your Average Bible Study series combines a deep understanding of the biblical text with real-world application that is relevant to our lives today. Drawn from Bible Study Magazine, each volume in this series guides you step-by-step through Scripture, helping you discover powerful insights as you move through the text, digging into the Bible on a whole new level. With discussion and reflection questions, specific prayer suggestions, and ideas for further study, you’ll see how easy it is to apply these lessons to your everyday life. This is not your average Bible study.

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Top Highlights

“Jonah sulks instead of celebrating. Yet Jonah’s story provides us with a portrait of God’s mercy and determination to bring all people back to Himself. Even though Jonah saw the Ninevites as his enemy, God saw a people who desperately needed Him. Jonah’s story compels us to pray that our enemies will come to know God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ—and that our priorities are so aligned with God’s that we will celebrate when they do.” (Page 3)

“The biblical prophets often serve as models of obedience and righteousness, but Jonah’s story is one of rebellion and self-centeredness.” (Page 3)

“Jonah is a counterexample of what it means to love our enemies.” (Page 23)

“Does Jonah measure up to the expectations you have for a prophet?” (Page 7)

“fearing God was an expression of loyalty, reverence and obedience” (Page 12)

Product Details

  • Title: Jonah: A Prophet on the Run
  • Author: Miles Custis
  • Series: Not Your Average Bible Study
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Pages: 48
  • Format: Logos Edition, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781577995548

Miles Custis is the author of The End of the Matter: Understanding the Epilogue of Ecclesiastes, a Faithlife Study Bible contributing editor, and a regular Bible Study Magazine and Lexham Bible Dictionary contributor. He holds a Master of Arts in biblical studies from Trinity Western University.


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This product is not currently available to purchase.