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Moral Theology for the Twenty First Century: Essays in Celebration of Kevin T. Kelly

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, 2011
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This book is a tribute to Kevin Kelly, who has been one of the most influential British theologians for a number of decades. On its own merits, however, it is a groundbreaking collection of essays on key themes, issues, and concepts in contemporary moral theology and Christian ethics. It focuses on perspectives to inform moral debate and discernment in the future. Some of the main themes covered include hospitality, medical and sexual ethics, bioethical issues such as the moral status of the unborn, and animal ethics. The contributors represent an international collaboration and many are among the best known in their fields on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  • Presents groundbreaking essays on moral theology and Christian ethics
  • Focuses on perspectives to inform moral debate and discernment in the future
  • Represents an international collaboration of contributors
  • Issues in Fundamental Moral Theology
  • Issues in Medical and Sexual Ethics
  • Issues in Social and Political Ethics
  • Issues in Ecclesiology
  • Kevin Kelly and the Interface of Moral and Pastoral Theology
As a public voice honoring the life and work of Kevin Kelly, this collection raises the bar on what such festschriften can achieve . . . This festschrift not only introduces readers to Kelly’s wide range of influence . . . , but it also suggests that members of the guild commit to dialogically probe the depths of the tradition, to bring more experiences to the table, and to collaborate in finding what matters most in and for the real world.

Theological Studies

This collection offers meaningful theological reflection and insights for undertaking moral theology in the twenty-first century.


The book’s unity and strength arise from several elements. Most of the essays in some way challenge the magisterial status quo and all of them reflect directly or indirectly Kelly’s concerns and influence. Most importantly, however, the essays share a pastoral sensibility—a concern for the person that is stronger than the concern for doctrinal purity—that derives from Kelly himself. The challenges to the church’s treatment of, for instance, the AIDS crisis and its attending controversies are rooted in the actual lives of those most affected. Kelly’s conviction that the moral theologian must work with the heart of a pastor is evident throughout the book. No prior familiarity with Kelly’s work is necessary to learn from these essays, but it is unlikely that many will finish the book without then reaching soon for Kelly’s own work.

Anglican Theological Review

As such, the volume includes rigorous, pastorally-sensitive essays on a multitude of specific areas: sexual complementarity, contraception, homosexuality, animal ethics, HIV/AIDS, ecclesiological issues such as ecumenism, and many more. Usefully, however, it also contains what might be called meta-ethical reflections, such as those on the nature of conscience, doctrine, and moral theology itself.

Reviews in Religion and Theology

Bernard Hoose lectures in Christian Ethics at Heythrop College in the University of London. His publications include Proportionalism: The American Debate and its European Roots and Received Wisdom? Reviewing the Role of Tradition in Christian Ethics. He is editor of Christian Ethics: An Introduction, Authority in the Roman Catholic Church, and Authority in Roman Catholicism. He presently serves on the Theology Commission of Caritas-Social Action.

Julie Clague is a lecturer in Catholic theology at the University of Glasgow. She has written numerous articles and has been co-editor of the journal Feminist Theology since 1993. She has also been co-editor of the journal Political Theology since 2005. She works as a theologian with the Catholic international aid agencies CAFOD and SCIAF and serves on the theological panel of the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at Edinburgh University. Dr. Clague is also the chairperson of the Ethics Committee of the Assisted Conception Service of Greater Glasgow NHS Trust.

Gerard Mannion is director of the Centre for Catholic Thought and Culture and professor of theology and religious studies at the University of San Diego.


Digital list price: $37.99
Save $10.00 (26%)