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Products>Jacob Neusner Jewish Studies Bundle (99 vols.)

Jacob Neusner Jewish Studies Bundle (99 vols.)

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Add nearly 100 volumes of scholarship from preeminent Jewish scholar Jacob Neusner to your Logos digital library. Comprised of 13 collections and four individual volumes, the Jacob Neusner Jewish Studies Bundle examines a broad range of topics directly related to Judaica, including Judaism in contemporary culture, Jewish Law, the Mishnah and Talmud, Rabbinic Judaism and hermeneutics, as well as Jewish history, and Jewish-Christian relations. All of these works, edited or written by Neusner, shed light on the various contexts in which Judaism has evolved, focusing on key texts, important religious groups, definitive events, and enduring traditions.

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Key Features

  • Presents nearly 100 volumes edited or written by Jacob Neusner
  • Examines key aspects of Judaism including its Law, traditions, hermeneutics, sacred texts, and more
  • Provides studies on the relationship between Judaism and important contemporary questions
  • Features historical studies on key periods and leaders in Jewish history

Product Details

  • Title: Jacob Neusner Jewish Studies Bundle
  • Publisher: Wipf & Stock
  • Volumes: 99
  • Pages: 28,114
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About Jacob Neusner

Jacob Neusner is research professor of theology and senior fellow of the Institute of Advanced Theology at Bard College.


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  1. Marco Ceccarelli
    Neusner is great. But there is a problem with his works. I must say that I have read ust a few of them (e.g. "First-Century in Crisis"; "Rabbinic Literartrue and the New Testament"), but I have the impression that they are more or less all like this. I mean: the author does not include a critical apparatus, that is he almost never adds footnotes, not even to indicate the source of his textual quotations. This way of doing is rather annoying and I don't understand whether it derives from an attitude of arrogance by the author himself, or because these books are just a written reproduction, perhaps by his students, of the lessons he gave in classroom. Which would explain the matter, but would still leave the low scholarly quality of the publications unchanged
  2. Mark Anthony Cerasaro
    I'm able in 2022 to select dropdowns in the contents and hide owned content here. I just went through the collection and added individual titles to my wishlist. And ones I'm extremely interested in going through sooner rather than later to my shortlist of bookmarked resources to decide whether I should buy them or not before this month's sale is over. I'm excited to see the wealth of these resources, and esp. pre 70 AD Judaism and the volume about How Judaism was reformed in the first century. These will help Christians understand how Jesus' branch of Judaism fit perfectly into the difficulties and discussions Judaism was having at the time, and also how the other surviving branch of Judaism survived this time. With those tools, Christians and Jews would be better able to dialogue about the parallel development of Christianity and Judaism since then, etc. It also should provide excellent context for the New Testament in ways we don't usually hear. How was Christ responding separately to Saduceeism, Zionism, Zealots, Pharisees and answering all the difficulties with Roman occupation at the same time? I strongly suspect answers to this question are nestled away in select volumes included here and am excited to find and be able to begin citing them.
  3. Bob Schaefer

    Bob Schaefer


    I would love to see Faithlife offer an edition of its software specifically for Jewish studies, along the lines of Verbum and Noet. I think my rabbi friends would enjoy the study tools as much as I do, but it's hard to commend an explicitly Christian software package to them.
  4. David Paul

    David Paul


    As one of the voices that energetically advocated for adding a number of Neusner resources in Logos, of the couple of dozen titles I asked for, I don't think any of them are included in this bundle...or at least as far as I can tell. Despite what Don says, individual titles are not indicated here.The sad thing is, the relative lack of zeal for this collection is no doubt limiting FL's desire and willingness to offer additional titles by Neusner. That's because the choices here are not nearly as relevant to most Logos users as the numerous titles I suggested would have been. So much effort expended for so little progress.
  5. David McClister
    It would be more helpful if we could see the separate 99 titles.
  6. Daniel Andujar
    The sample pages of How To Grade Your Professors: And Other Unexpected Advice book are the same as Evil and Suffering. Can someone at Faithlife correct this please? Thank you.
  7. Dale Durnell, Retired UM Clergy
    Just an observation -- there are a couple of these I would love to have, and I'm just not interested in the others. Wish we could break up this collection -- I can't afford to buy it all, for just a couple
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Regular price: $1,214.99
Save $364.50 (30%)
Starting at $59.14/mo at checkout