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Engaging Augustine on Romans

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Although Augustine’s ideas about biblical interpretation developed with age and with his deeper church involvement as Bishop of Hippo, he never abandoned the centrality of biblical interpretation as a pillar of the life of Christian faith. This collection examines in detail the methods of Augustine the biblical interpreter.

Paula Fredriksen explores the ways that Augustine uses a literal interpretation of the Bible to understand the role of Israel, Jews, and Judaism in his theology of history. Thomas F. Martin uses Augustine’s later works to demonstrate how Augustine reads Romans as he develops his “method of discovery,” or hermeneutics. Eugene TeSelle examines the inner conflict that Augustine expresses in his sermons on Romans 7 and 8. Simon Gathercole analyzes the ways that Augustine reads natural law and restored nature in Romans as a result of his conversion. John K. Riches looks at the impact Augustine’s readings have had on Pauline critical studies. Using Galatians and Romans, Peter J. Gorday explores the patristic debate about reading Romans. Daniel Patte offers Augustine as a model for the practice of “scriptural criticism” of the New Testament. Finally, Krister Stendhal provides a response to the essays.

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This book contains path breaking essays that throw light both on Augustine’s biblical hermeneutic and on Paul’s letter to the Romans. While confirming Krister Stendahl’s hunch that Augustine was an instigator of the problematic theory that Paul had an ‘introspective conscience,’ this book elaborates the many ways contemporary scholars can learn from the great church father. In the words of one of the editors, Augustine proves to be ‘an excellent reading companion’ for current interpreters of Paul.

—Robert Jewett, author of Saint Paul at the Movies

  • Title: Engaging Augustine on Romans: Self, Context, and Theology in Interpretation
  • Editors: Daniel Patte and Eugene TeSelle
  • Publisher: Trinity Press International
  • Publication Date: 2002
  • Pages: 290

Daniel Patte is Professor of New Testament at Vanderbilt University and author of The Challenge of Discipleship and Discipleship According to the Sermon on the Mount.

Eugene TeSelle is Oberlin Alumni/ae Professor of Church History and Theology, Emeritus, Vanderbilt Divinity School, and the author of Augustine the Theologian.


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    Digital list price: $40.99
    Save $10.00 (24%)