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Eisenbrauns Studies on Ancient Religious Symbolism (3 vols.)



To wade through the cultural milieu of Old Testament Israel and the ancient Near East, you need a firm grasp on religious ritual and symbolism. These three monographs from scholarly publisher Eisenbrauns will outfit you with the exegetical tools you need to grab hold of ritualistic and symbolic religious concepts in the ancient world.

Menehem Haran walks you through the cultic rituals and closely-knit social circle of ancient Jewish priests, reconstructing the development of the priestly material in the Old Testament. In his landmark work, Othmar Keel compares the religious iconography of Israel’s neighbors with Jewish religious symbolism, drawing out the striking parallels between them and reconstructing the development of Judaism within its surrounding culture. Finally, in Bridging the Gap: Ritual and Ritual Texts in the Bible, Gerald A. Klingbeil introduces the importance of the study of ritual for biblical and theological studies, tracing the development of ritual across the Old Testament and into modern times.

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Enhance your study of the Old Testament with the Eisenbrauns Hebrew Collection (3 vols.).

Key Features

  • Provides a thorough understanding of ancient Near Eastern religious ritual and symbolism
  • Includes explorations of the priestly material in the Old Testament
  • Introduces ancient Near Eastern religious iconography and ritual

Product Details

  • Title: Eisenbrauns Studies on Ancient Religious Symbolism
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Volumes: 3
  • Pages: 1,120
  • Resource Type: Monographs
  • Topic: Ancient Near East

Individual Titles

Temples and Temple-Service in Ancient Israel: An Inquiry into Biblical Cult Phenomena and the Historical Setting of the Priestly School

  • Author: Menahem Haran
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Pages: 394

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This milestone study examines various cultic and social phenomena connected with the ancient Jewish temple and the priestly circle. Scholar Menahem Haran demonstrates when the priestly material found in the Pentateuch came into its final form.

Menahem Haran is the Yeheskel Kaufmann Professor Emeritus of Bible Studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. A renowned expert on the priestly literature in Scripture and the canonization of the Hebrew Bible, he is the author of The Biblical Collection: Its Consolidation to the End of the Second Temple Times and Changes of Form to the End of the Middle Ages and coauthor of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament: The History of Its Interpretation.

Symbolism of the Biblical World: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography and the Book of Psalms

  • Author: Othmar Keel
  • Translator: Timothy J. Hallett
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Publication Date: 1997
  • Pages: 422

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Appearing in German in 1972, this pioneering study was the first to compare the conceptual world of a biblical book with ancient Near Eastern iconography. Eisenbrauns’ English edition of Othmar Keel’s classic provides twenty-first-century readers with the celebrated scholar’s groundbreaking methodology, generously illustrated with photographs and line drawings.

Othmar Keel (b. 1937) is a German Catholic scholar of biblical studies and Egyptology. Widely celebrated for his contribution to the study of parallels between ancient Israel and neighboring cultures and religions, he is the author of Monotheism in Ancient Israel and Its Environment, The World of Ancient Oriental Imagery and the Old Testament, and Goddesses, Gods, and Images of God.

Bridging the Gap: Ritual and Ritual Texts in the Bible

  • Author: Gerald A. Klingbeil
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Publication Date: 2007
  • Pages: 304

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In this introduction, Gerald A. Klingbeil emphasizes the importance of a close examination of ritual, especially in the Old Testament, for the fields of biblical and theological studies. He defines the basic terms used in ritual studies and explains the concepts involved in interpreting biblical ritual. He offers a broad history of the study of biblical ritual, beginning with the critiques of ritual found in the Old Testament prophetic books and surveying attitudes toward ritual down to modern times. Drawing on the fields of anthropology and sociology—as well as his decade of work in the field—Klingbeil presents a comprehensive reading strategy for biblical ritual texts.

Gerald A. Klingbeil is research professor of Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern studies at the Seventh-Day Adventist Theological Seminary. He is the associate editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines and is the author of Shadow Figures: Background Characters of the Bible.

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