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Abstract of Systematic Theology

, 2010
ISBN: 9780875528724
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Abstract of Systematic Theology contains forty-two essays ranging in topic from the doctrines of God, the Trinity, and humanity, to creation, providence, and justification. Boyce also wrote extensively on the issues of election, atonement, and the immortality of the soul. Boyce's theology was heavily influenced by Charles Hodge, and he used Hodge's Systematic Theology text at the Southern Baptist Seminary. The essays found in Abstract of Systematic Theology were originally intended to supplement the content of Boyce's systematic theology classes at the seminary from 1859–1888. Boyce compiled and completed Abstract of Systematic Theology in 1887. William A. Mueller said of the Abstract: "it is no mere logic chopping treatise but is vibrant with an experimental faith centered in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior... ."

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  • Forty-two essays in systematic theology
  • Topics including: the doctrine of God, providence, election, and justification
  • A pure example of nineteenth century Baptist theology

Top Highlights

“Justification is a judicial act of God, by which, on account of the meritorious work of Christ, imputed to a sinner and received by him through that faith which vitally unites him to his substitute and Saviour, God declares that sinner to be free from the demands of the law, and entitled to the rewards due to the obedience of that substitute.” (Page 395)

“So, also, in theology. The omission of a single fact, however small, must affect the whole universe of doctrine.” (Page 4)

“A better statement, therefore, is that the belief in God is based upon the intuitive perception by the mind of certain truths, which necessarily involve the existence of God, and of the verity of which it attains absolute conviction.” (Page 16)

“The Purpose of God is his predetermined plan as to what shall be done in his creation by himself or by others. It fixes the events which shall happen, and the methods and agency by which they will take place. But Providence is the actual doing, or permitting the things thus purposed, and securing the ends thus designed. The purpose also is formed in eternity; the providential acts are performed in time.” (Page 217)

“Theology is, also, frequently used for the set of opinions exhibited by a writer, or class of writers, in any one or more productions.” (Page 3)

  • Title: Abstract of Systematic Theology
  • Author: James P. Boyce
  • Publisher: American Baptist
  • Publication Date: 1887
  • Pages: 493

James Petigru Boyce (1827-1888) was a Baptist theologian, Calvinist, and seminary professor. Boyce was educated at Brown University under Francis Wayland, whose evangelical sermons contributed to Boyce’s conversion, and at Princeton Theological Seminary under Charles Hodge who led Boyce to appreciate Calvinistic theology. Boyce became a pastor, then a university professor, and finally the founder and first president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, where he taught theology from 1859 until his death in 1888. Throughout his ministry Boyce insisted on the importance of theological education for all ministers. In a preface, he described his Abstract of Systematic Theology, published the year before his death, as follows: “This volume is published the rather as a practical text book, for the study of the system of doctrine taught in the Word of God, than as a contribution to theological science.”

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  1. Peter



    Boyce remains one of the most influential voices of mid-19th century Baptist life. Though a hard-line strict Calvinist through and through (i.e. TULIP), 19th century American Baptist theology could not be understood apart from Boyce.
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    Bill Shewmaker


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    Matt Hamrick


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    Phil Gons


    Solid Reformed Baptist systematic.
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    Paolo russo



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