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Divine and Contingent Order


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This volume examines the implications of the Judaeo-Christian claim for our understanding of the universe that it is contingent: freely created by God out of nothing, and having an existence, freedom, and rational order of its own while still dependent on Him.

Professor Torrance argues that this claim made possible the development of western empirical science. However, Newtonian physics obscured the connection between the rational order of nature and the Christian doctrine of creation. Torrance shows how modern relativity and quantum theories have once again drawn attention to the significance of contingence. This implies the universe is found to be consistently rational only if it is dependent on a creative rationality beyond it.

Torrance considers finally the disorderly elements in the universe, both physical and moral, and argues that the doctrine of incarnation as well as of creation is necessary to deal with the intellectual problems which they raise.

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  • Detailed explanation of determinist theology
  • Sound defense for creation and the Creator.
  • Automatic footnotes when referenced.
  • Title: Divine and Contingent Order
  • Author: Thomas F. Torrance
  • Publisher: T & T Clark
  • Publication Date: 1981
  • Pages: 176
Thomas F. Torrance

Thomas F. Torrance (August 30,1913–December 2, 2007) was a Protestant Christian theologian and professor of Christian dogmatics for 27 years at the University of Edinburgh. Torrance was influential in the dialogue between science and theology.

He began studying in Edinburgh in 1931, focusing on classics and philosophy. At that time his own realist views of philosophy, theology, and morality started to develop, and they continued to do so as he moved to the study of theology at the Faculty of Divinity in 1934. From 1939 to 1940 Torrance studied at Oriel College, Oxford. He was ordained as minister on March 20, 1940.

He has authored several works, including Divine and Contingent OrderGround and Grammar of Theology, and The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons. Besides writing many books and articles, Torrance also translated several hundred theological writings into English from other languages, including the thirteen-volume, six-million-word Church Dogmatics of the Swiss theologian Karl Barth (co-edited with G.W. Bromiley).



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Digital list price: $25.99
Save $7.00 (26%)