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Works of the Early English Reformers (37 vols.)

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Some dismiss the English Reformation as wholly motivated by a monarch’s marital affairs. But this vision fails to account for the strong theological undercurrent that sustained the movement before, during, and long after Henry VIII’s death. Theologians writing in these fierce times left behind writings of fiery expression, reflecting the harsh situations many faced. Exile, imprisonment, and death lay at the end of a conviction for heresy—the bounds of which changed with each new king or queen.

Three hundred years later, low church evangelicals and high church Anglo-Catholics dueled to define the place of early English Protestant thought in nineteenth-century Anglican theology. The evangelical Parker Society devoted itself to demonstrating how evangelical and Reformed theology shaped the early Church of England. Responding to the Oxford Movement’s Tracts for the Times, the Parker Society published the volumes in this collection. These resources gather the writings of early English Reformers, forming “a combined testimony to the power and value of the blessed Reformation.”

Among these writings are the works of Thomas Cranmer, whose thought was a predominant force in composing the 39 Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Book of Homilies. John Hooper’s earnest writings reflect his uncompromising work and commitment to Reformed theology that ultimately led him to be burnt at the stake under Mary I. William Fulke’s spirited defense of the Bible in the people’s tongue and the manipulations of the Catholic Church reveal the virulent edges of the Puritan movement. These and other works from, John Jewel, Thomas Cooper, John Philpot, James Pilkington, and many more make this collection a trove of resources on “the spirit and principles of the Reformation in their various forms of development.”

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Delve deeper into the conflicts that drove the English Reformation with Original Letters Relative to the English Reformation (2 vols.).

Key Features

  • Gathers the work of the most significant figures of the English Reformation
  • Includes treatises, letters, catechisms, devotions, liturgies, poetry, and more
  • Provides insight into the theological underpinnings of the English Reformation

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  1. Richard Blight
    I placed my bid in January 2015. Wondering if there is any progress on this or the constituent volumes?
  2. David



    Would really love to see Fulke's "A Defence of the Sincere and True Translations of the Holy Scriptures into the English Tongue, against the Cavils of Gregory Martin" come to life here. Lot's of incredible works here.


Collection value: $339.66
Save $39.67 (11%)

Gathering interest