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Logos 6: What's New? Video Training



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Logos 6 is here! But please don’t panic. What you’ve learned in Logos 5 still applies, but there are many different features in Logos 6 you will want to discover. The Logos 6: What’s New? video series is loaded with more than eight hours of content and 175 videos that are made to walk you step by step through the different features and changes in Logos.

The digital video series includes:

  • Over 8 hours of content
  • Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions
  • Video guides with the authorized Logos trainer, Morris Proctor
  • Tours of all the new Logos 6 features
  • Explanations of changes from Logos 5

Save time trying to find and figure out all the Logos 6 enhancements on your own. This video series will place them before your eyes, so you can quickly incorporate them into your own study.

  • Walk-through of all new features
  • Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions
  • Video guides with the authorized Logos trainer, Morris Proctor
  • Title: Logos 6: What’s New? Video Training
  • Author: Morris Proctor
  • Publisher: MP Seminars
  • Print Publication Date: 2014
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Video
  • Subject: Bible study › Training--Software training
  • Resource Type: Media
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-12T04:22:12Z
Morris Proctor

Morris Proctor was the certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software for over 25 years. He also pastored and taught for more than 20 years. Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study and he devoted his time through his company, MP Seminars, to train Logos users to realize its full potential. Morris wrote several Quick Reference Training Manuals and conducted training seminars and sales demonstrations around the country. He was responsible for training hundreds of users from beginners to advanced including pastors, Christian educators, military chaplains, professors, students, and more.


16 ratings

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  2. Meshaal



  3. Jonathan Cheung
    I agree with most of the comments that US$150 is much higher than we expected. As a loyal customer in Hong Kong who migrated from Libronix to Logos 6 now and invested over US$20,000 for e-resources, I suppose this training video should be either free or just a nominal fee of not more than US$10!!
  4. Robert  Christian
  5. DavePL HI Haoli KI
  6. Alberto D. Motas
    I bought Logos 5 training essentials just this April for $79.95 and then I upgraded my software to Logos 6 last month. Can I get an upgrade into Logos 6 training videos in a discounted price? Furthermore, I think it is fair enough that training manuals/videos should come along with your software for free like other companies selling their products as part of normal business norms.
  7. Pdarryl2



    I have read countless reviews concerning the price of these necessary resourse tools, and have not heard or read a response from "Logos" yet. Either they don't read the reviews or they just don't care about the concerns of their consumers. I was under the impression that "Customer service" was included in my subscription, I guess we were all wrong. Signed, another unsatisfied customer!
  8. Donovan Neufeldt
    Honestly, these prices are outrageous. Please reconsider, try to make this more affordable to those who already empty thousands of dollars of savings into logos, and to those who are poor missionaries wanting tools to minister God's word. Putting such high prices fosters resentment from most potential customers. It is not only greedy but also bad business. When it comes to training videos for your product they should be either free, or cheap enough that you are just covering the cost to produce them and pay everyone. I would happily pay for MP training if it were resonaby priced. Unfortunately, even the pre-pub is exhorbitant, so i have not yet spent a dime on MP seminars.
  9. Mark Berrios

    Mark Berrios


    Hi Logos, I am a student of the Bible and have been with you since before Logos, which was Libronix. if you check your records you can see I have purchased many of the Libronix. Then I upgraded to logos 5 and now 6. I know I am not the only one that has done the upgrades. I do believe you are a great asset for us students who want to learn and study the bible. so your goal should be to ultimately bring people to faith in Christ. And I am not saying your not, but you are pushing people away and losing great customers. Why? Because Logos is losing focus on the purpose of why God allowed you to exist. Our purpose in life is to serve not get rich out of others. That's why so many churches are suffering because of greed. The truth is I don't want to lose you as a resource. You need us as much as we need you. Look into your heart and work with the people (Families) that are supporting your Ministry. May God Bless this ministry.
  10. David Walsh

    David Walsh


    Why O why does this product not on my hard drive and is only accessible on line? This feels like I am being ripped off. I have invested over 10,000 dollars on Logos and this is how they treat loyal customers? Not nice Logos, shame on you!!
This product is not currently available to purchase.