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Русский Синодальный Перевод (Russian Synodal Translation) (RST)

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Logos is proud to offer the official 1876 Russian Synodal Translation, featuring the 1956 revisions, including Strong's numbering system. It was begun in 1813 by the Russian Bible Society and completed during the reign of Alexander II.

This translation is usually used in the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as among Russian Baptists and Roman Catholics. It relies on the Jewish Masortic Text for translation of the Old Testament and common Greek editions of the time for the translation of the New Testament. The Russian Synodal Translation has been helpful in shaping and defining certain characteristics of the Russian language.

  • Title: Русский Синодальный Перевод (Russian Synodal Translation)
  • Publication Dates: 1876, 1956