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The New Testament in Greek (Scrivener 1881)


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This Greek text (Scrivener 1881) is the Greek text which corresponds best to the 1611 King James Version. The Scrivener text is a modified Beza 1598 Textus Receptus in which changes have been made to reflect the readings chosen by the KJV translators. Scrivener’s intent was to artificially create a Greek text that closely matched the translator-modified Textus Receptus text and the resulting English version. This is a useful text for comparison for those with proficiency in Greek.

Further, this edition of the text is fully morphologically tagged with the Logos Bible Software morphology; it also includes lemma (dictionary) forms and Strong’s numbers for every word in the Greek text.

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  • Morphologically tagged
  • Includes diacritical marks
  • Words link to Strong’s numbers

F. H. A. Scrivener (1813–1891) was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, and published a variety of works of New Testament scholarship while working as a clergyman and headmaster. In an age when previously unknown manuscript fragments of New Testament texts were being discovered, his skills as a transcriber and collator of these texts were greatly respected. This volume, first published in 1881, is an edition of the Greek text underlying the Revised Version of the New Testament, also published in 1881. It seeks to provide scholars with both a faithful version of the text as it was used by the translators of the Authorised Version (1611), and also extensive notes listing the changes in readings made for the Revised Version, giving the reader a fuller picture of the evolution of the translation. A valuable resource for understanding the version of the Bible used for four centuries in the English-speaking world.


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    Really wish this resource supported an interlinear function.

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Print list price: $39.95
Save $29.96 (75%)