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DIY Bible Study

Digital Logos Edition

Logos Editions are fully connected to your library and Bible study tools.
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This highly visual curriculum leverages Logos Bible Software and Lexham Press products to take your Bible study to the next level—or to help you begin. Video lessons explain Bible study principles and survey every book of the Bible. And application-focused content, accompanied by stunning graphics, helps you see what the Bible meant to its original readers and what it means for us today.

Top Highlights

“Freedom not just from oppressors, but freedom to live in God’s presence, is the message of Exodus.” (source)

“The Bible is centered on God; it’s all about him and his work with humanity. And God’s story is epic, tragic, and wonderful—all at the same time. God loves people more than we could ever fathom loving him. And Jesus is the epitome of God’s love. Let’s make it our aim to love God and love people with everything we have.” (source)

“Exodus is the story of God delivering the Israelites from bondage, into a free existence characterized by the continuous presence of God and a fair and just society.” (source)

“Numbers is ultimately about decisions: Now that we know God, who will we be? Will we live according to Yahweh’s plans or live like previous generations who walked away from him?” (source)

“The basic concern is for a fair and just society that reflects God’s holiness.” (source)


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    This product is not currently available to purchase.