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Interlinear Explorer
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Interlinear Explorer

Faithlife 2014

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.

A step-by-step guide to a complex theological task

Understand the significance of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic, without ever studying the original languages. Interlinears place the English translation alongside the original Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic, demonstrating how translators chose to convey the sense of the original. This helpful slide deck shows you how to use these powerful resources. Hover over any part of the presentation to go into more detail and access the wealth of resources in your Logos digital library. Explore the textual differences across translations and dig deeper into the Word. No matter your background or skill set, Logos 6 equips you to tackle complex tasks with ease.

The Interlinear Explorer helps you . . .

  • Learn how the Bible is translated
  • Understand the sense of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic Words
  • Explore the textual differences across Bible translations