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The Works of H. A. Ironside (65 vols.)

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The Works of H.A. Ironside contains 65 volumes of the most important sermons, commentaries, and writings from one of America’s most influential preachers—now including the complete set of Ironside commentaries!

Inspired by Dwight Moody, Ironside comforted and challenged a generation of evangelicals during two world wars and an economic depression. He spoke to a lay audience, and made the Bible understandable and accessible to as many people as possible, earning himself the title, “the Archbishop of fundamentalism.” His preaching blurs the line between sermonizing and storytelling, and his commentaries are filled with examples and anecdotes that made sense to his readers, then and now. A lack of formal education never stopped Ironside from becoming a prolific writer and influential thinker. In all, he wrote nearly one hundred books and preached thousands of sermons in front of millions of people. His sermons were heard widely on the radio, and thousands more were distributed around the world in pamphlets and tracts.

Now, Ironside’s first edition commentaries and his most-loved sermons and addresses are available in this singular collection, giving you access to the works of one of America’s greatest preachers and one of fundamentalism’s most prolific writers. This set includes 32 commentaries and dozens of sermons, along with lectures, addresses, and tracts which cover the most pressing theological and social topics from his time and ours. Topics covered include eschatology, prophecy, pneumatology, prayer, and the holiness movement, along with his impassioned sermons and lectures.

What’s more, with the Logos edition of The Works of H.A. Ironside and the powerful tools in your Logos Bible Software library, the words which changed the history of American evangelicalism are now available at the click of a mouse! The accessibility of Ironside’s writings and the power of his words make The Works of H.A. Ironside ideal for anyone interested in preaching, dispensationalism, and practical commentaries on nearly every book of the Bible.

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  • 64 books, plus 25 shorter pamphlets and tracts
  • Hundreds of sermons
  • The original first editions of Ironside’s commentaries
[Ironside] was a brilliant man, but he preached with simplicity.

—J. V. McGee, Through the Bible Radio Program

Harry Ironside is a great example of a preacher full of God’s Word.

R. Kent Hughes, Acts: The Church Afire

  • Title: The Works of H. A. Ironside
  • Author: H. A. Ironside
  • Volumes: 65
  • Pages: More than 6,000
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Harry Allen Ironside, one of the twentieth century’s greatest preachers, was born in Toronto, Canada on October 14, 1876. Though his education stopped with grammar school, his fondness for reading and a retentive memory put his learning to use. His scholarship was recognized in academic circles when he received honorary degrees from Wheaton College and Bob Jones University and was invited as frequent lecturer at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Ironside was appointed to the boards of numerous Bible institutes, seminaries, and Christian organizations. He also served as director of the Africa Inland Mission.

Ironside preached widely throughout the United States and abroad. He served as pastor of Moody Memorial Church from 1930 to 1948, and during his lifetime, he preached more than 7,000 sermons to over 1.25 million listeners.


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  1. Charlie Orr

    Charlie Orr


  2. Mike



  3. Jerry Rogers

    Jerry Rogers


  4. Charles Henderson
    Excellent - I have greatly enjoyed the volumes!
  5. Charles Steiner

    Charles Steiner


  6. Jonathan Spilger
  7. Michael



  8. David



    Great collection. Have had it rented out for the last few months. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it is not complete. There are a few volumes missing such as his eminent "Historical Sketch of the Brethren Movement" and others like "Mysteries of God" and "Miscellaneous Papers" which contains some overlap of the Logos edition of his short works "Pamphlets and Short Works", but contains key additions such as "Billy Sunday Funeral" (He actually conducted it and it was published as a booklet), "Little Jackie : a memoir of A.J. Estabrook" and some other smaller tracts etc. Would be great to see the "complete works" of Ironside up here. And why are there two editions of "Setting the Stage for the Last Act of the Great World Drama"? I'd say most people would prefer not to pay for the first and just have the 2nd edtion with the extra material. Why not take that one out and exchange it for one of the missing titles I mentioned above? Just an idea.
  9. Brad Sutter

    Brad Sutter


  10. Jason Bartlett

    Jason Bartlett



Collection value: $778.35
Save $423.36 (54%)