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Weights and Measures Converter

Digital Logos Edition

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This product is not currently available to purchase.


Put biblical measurements in context by converting them into modern examples. Enter a biblical quantity and get multiple modern points of reference. The Bible says Noah’s arc was 300 cubits long. The Weights and Measurement converter tells you that equals 450 feet—but also that it was as long as a 747, as tall as three giraffes, and as wide as a blue whale.

Discover how many liters are in an ephah, how far a shekel reaches, and much more. This fun calculator helps you understand all sorts of ancient measurements, so you can better understand the biblical world.

  • Better understand the biblical world by putting its weights and measurements in context
  • Clarify biblical measurements and make comparisons that anyone can relate to
  • Insert easy-to-understand examples and graphics into your sermons and lectures


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  1. M. Lee Taylor
    This was available back in libronix (Logos 3) but lost it in Logos 4 & 5)
This product is not currently available to purchase.