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Products>This Is the Life! Enjoying the Blessings and Privileges of Faith in Christ

This Is the Life! Enjoying the Blessings and Privileges of Faith in Christ

, 2014
ISBN: 9781441226884

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The Christian life should be one of pervading joy, persistent grace, and promises kept. Warren W. Wiersbe reminds us that God doesn’t call us to a legalistic life of grimly getting by until we reach a heavenly reward. We receive part of our reward and inheritance in this life, on this earth. Yet we so often let the things of this life determine our outlook. The habits that bind us, the negative attitudes that control us, the people who bother us, the needs that depress us, and the challenges that frighten us—they can all be handled by God if we will let him have his way.

In This Is the Life! Wiersbe helps readers rediscover the kind of life God promised them. He shows clearly that the way to joy is through cultivating a close relationship with God and obedience to his Word, calling readers to enjoy all the blessings and privileges of a life of faith—right now.

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Resource Experts
  • Helps readers discover the joy God offers to believers in this life
  • Demonstrates how a relationship with God and obedience to his Word are the keys to joy
  • Discusses the elements of living a gospel-centered life
  • Eternal Life
  • A Trusting Life
  • An Obedient Life
  • A Victorious Life
  • A Joyful Life
  • A Wise Life
  • A Transparent Life
  • A Forgiving Life
  • A Fruitful Life
  • An Exchanged Life
  • A Sufficient Life
  • A Fragrant Life
  • A Quiet and Peaceable Life
  • A Life of Freedom
  • Saints Alive!

Top Highlights

“Christian faith is personal confidence in the character of God and in the reliability of His promises as we obey His will. We have plenty of evidence that the Bible is true and that God keeps His promises.” (Page 18)

“We want the Father to be patient with us as we delay our obedience, but we do not want to be patient with Him as He works out His will in His time! Impatience is usually a mark of either doubt or outright unbelief, while a willingness to wait is evidence of faith. Whenever we become impatient with the Father and get in a hurry, we must remember three ‘orders’ given in the Bible: ‘Stand still’ (Exod. 14:13), ‘Sit still’ (Ruth 3:18), and ‘Be still’ (Ps. 46:10). If we ‘stand still,’ God can go before us and prepare the way, as He did for Israel when they crossed the Red Sea.” (Pages 22–23)

“If we will ‘be still,’ the Lord will be our refuge and strength in times of trouble, and everything will work out for His glory and our good. The Hebrew word translated ‘be still’ in Psalm 46:10 literally means ‘take your hands off.’” (Page 23)

“The divine transformation of pain can bring God more glory than the removal of the pain itself; the example of Jesus on the cross proves that. Escaping problems and pains is a wonderful experience—but so is enduring them.” (Page 19)

“I would be sinning against the Holy Spirit by lying to the Spirit (Acts 5:1–11), grieving the Spirit (Eph. 4:25–32), and quenching the Spirit (1 Thess. 5:19).” (Page 14)

Warren W. Wiersbe

Warren W. Wiersbe (1929–2019) was an internationally known Bible teacher and pastor. He studied at Indiana University and Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and taught at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

In 2002, Wiersbe was awarded the Jordon Lifetime Achievement Award by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. He was the former pastor of three churches, including The Moody Church.

For 10 years Wiersbe served as general director and Bible teacher for the Back to the Bible radio broadcast. He wrote more than 150 books, including the popular Old Testament "Be" Series and New Testament "Be" Series of expositional Bible studies, which has sold more than four million copies, and The Strategy of Satan.


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