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From Heaven He Came and Sought Her stands as the first comprehensive resource on definite atonement, examining the issue from historical, biblical, theological, and pastoral perspectives. There is a palpable sense of confusion—and sometimes even embarrassment—with regard to so-called limited atonement today, pointing to the need for thoughtful engagement with this controversial doctrine. In this volume, a host of respected theologians offer scholarly insights on the issue. This book will encourage charitable conversations as it winsomely defends this foundational tenet of Reformed theology.

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Resource Experts
  • Examines the Reformed doctrine of definite atonement
  • Includes contributions from respected Reformed scholars
  • Presents responses to critiques of definite atonement
  • “Sacred Theology and the Reading of the Divine Word: Mapping the Doctrine of Definite Atonement,” by David Gibson and Jonathan Gibson
  • “‘We Trust in the Saving Blood’: Definite Atonement in the Ancient Church,” by Michael A.G. Haykin
  • “‘Sufficient for All, Efficient for Some’: Definite Atonement in the Medieval Church,” by David S. Hogg
  • “Calvin, Indefinite Language, and Definite Atonement,” by Paul Helm
  • “Blaming Beza: The Development of Definite Atonement in the Reformed Tradition,” by Raymond A. Blacketer
  • “The Synod of Dort and Definite Atonement,” by Lee Gatiss
  • “‘Controversy on Universal Grace’: An Historical Survey of Moïse Amyraut’s Brief Traitté de la Predestination,” by Amar Djaballah
  • “Atonement and the Covenant of Redemption: John Owen on the Nature of Christ’s Satisfaction,” by Carl R. Trueman
  • “‘Because He Loved Your Forefathers’: Election, Atonement, and Intercession in the Pentateuch,” by Paul R. Williamson
  • “‘Stricken for the Transgression of My People’: The Atoning Work of Isaiah’s Suffering Servant,” by J. Alec Motyer
  • “For the Glory of the Father and the Salvation of His People: Definite Atonement in the Synoptics and Johannine Literature,” by Matthew S. Harmon
  • “For Whom Did Christ Die? Particularism and Universalism in the Pauline Epistles,” by Jonathan Gibson
  • “The Glorious, Indivisible, Trinitarian Work of God in Christ: Definite Atonement in Paul’s Theology of Salvation,” by Jonathan Gibson
  • “‘Problematic Texts’ for Definite Atonement in the Pastoral and General Epistles,” by Thomas R. Schreiner
  • “Definite Atonement and the Divine Decree,” by Donald Macleod
  • “The Triune God, Incarnation, and Definite Atonement,” by Robert Letham
  • “The Definite Intent of Penal Substitutionary Atonement,” by Garry J. Williams
  • “Punishment God Cannot Twice Inflict: The Double Payment Argument Redivivus,” by Garry J. Williams
  • “The New Covenant Work of Christ: Priesthood, Atonement, and Intercession,” by Stephen J. Wellum
  • “Jesus Christ the Man: Toward a Theology of Definite Atonement,” by Henri A.G. Blocher
  • “Slain for the World? The ‘Uncomfortability” of the ‘Unevangelized’ for a Universal Atonement,” by Daniel Strange
  • “‘Blessèd Assurance, Jesus is Mine?’ Definite Atonement and the Cure of Souls,” by Sinclair B. Ferguson
  • “‘My Glory I Will Not Give to Another’: Preaching the Fullness of Definite Atonement to the Glory of God,” by John Piper
A massive product of exact and well-informed scholarship . . . I give this book top marks for its range of solid scholarship, cogency of argument, warmth of style, and zeal for the true glory of God. I recommend it most highly.

J.I. Packer, board of governors’ professor of theology, Regent College

Whatever side you hold in this debate, henceforth you dare not venture into the discussion without thoughtfully reading this book, which, mercifully, makes argument by stereotype and reductionism a great deal more difficult. Above all, this book will elicit adoration as its readers ponder afresh what Jesus achieved on the cross.

D.A. Carson, research professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

The topic is worthy enough. Yet the lineup of contributors to this volume makes this, in my view, the most impressive defense of definite atonement in over a century.

Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary, CA

  • Title: From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective
  • Authors: David Gibson, Jonathan Gibson
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Print Publication Date: 2013
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 704
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Atonement › Reformed Church; Reformed Church › Doctrines
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2021-04-26T19:30:26Z

David Gibson is minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. Previously he served as a staff worker for the Religious and Theological Studies Fellowship and as an assistant minister at High Church, Hilton, Aberdeen. Gibson is also a widely published author of articles and books such as Rich: The Reality of Encountering Jesus and Reading the Decree: Exegesis, Election and Christology in Calvin and Barth

Jonathan Gibson is author of historical and biblical articles in Themelios and Journal of Biblical Literature, as well as Obadiah in the NIV Proclamation Bible. He is the coeditor with David Gibson of From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective.


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  1. Jared Schultz

    Jared Schultz


  2. Paul James

    Paul James


  3. Kenneth Bonham
  4. Everett Headley
    This is the definitive work on Definite Atonement. Beginning with the authors heart to write on the subject, the book flows through the history, development and application of this doctrine. Each section is written by a master of the subject. While it is written at a college level, it will still be able to be followed by the student of the Word looking for more on the subject. For those who like to chase footnotes, there are plenty and many are in Logos.

  5. Nathan Soper

    Nathan Soper


    definitely (no pun intetended) the best treatment of the doctrine of definite/limited atonement or particular redemption I've ever read. This book works through the subjuct like mangle crunching it's way through historical theology, biblical texts, current day theological thought and is considerately rounded off with a deeply pastoral section showing how this doctrine is not just an abstract curiosity but has real impact on real life. The scholarship is top rate as is the formatting and editting. Personal highlights are Trueman and Motyers additions but overall the book is a thing of beauty. 5 stars.

  6. kentuckyliz



    The title made me think this would be a book about the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. LOL

  7. Daniel Caballero.
    Best ever written work on the nature, means and ends of particular redemption in historical, exegetical, biblical and pastoral perspectives. Strongly recommended!


Digital list price: $39.99
Save $9.00 (22%)