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Sanctified by Grace: A Theology of the Christian Life

ISBN: 9780567632173

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Books on the Christian life abound. Some focus on spirituality, others on practices, and others still on doctrines such as justification or forgiveness. Few offer an account of the Christian life that portrays redeemed Christian existence within the multifaceted and beautiful whole of the Christian confession. This book attempts to fill that gap. It provides a constructive, specifically theological interpretation of the Christian life according to the nature of God’s grace. This means coordinating the Triune God, his reconciling, justifying, redemptive, restorative, and otherwise transformative action with those practices of the Christian life emerging from it. The doctrine of the Christian life developed here unifies doctrine and life, confession and practice within the divine economy of grace.

Drawing together some of the most important theologians in the church today, Sanctified by Grace is a shared work of dogmatic theology oriented to redeemed Christian existence.

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Grace for Today: Daily Devotional Readings makes a perfect companion volume to your study of grace.

Resource Experts
  • Fills a gap in the portrayal of Christian life
  • Offers sound theological interpretation on the nature of grace
  • Draws on the perspectives of prominent contemporary theologians
  • The Gracious One
    • The Triune God
    • The Electing God
    • The Creating and Providential God
    • The Saving God
    • The Perfecting God
  • The Graces of the Christian Life
    • Reconciliation and Justification
    • Redemption and Victory
    • Communion with Christ: Mortification and Vivication
  • The Means of Grace
    • Scripture
    • Church and Sacraments
  • The Practices of Grace
    • Discipleship
    • Prayer
    • Theology
    • Preaching
    • Forgiveness & Reconciliation

Top Highlights

“Mortification is not a permanent, essential practice of the regenerate nature but an interim necessity, and once its goal of clearing away the diseased remainders of the old nature is reached, it will no longer be required. Vivification, by contrast, is the implementation of the new nature and stretches out to perfection. In vivification we begin to perform the new nature which will endure and so complete and resolve itself that there will be no necessity for mortification.” (Page 133)

“The sequence is irreversible, regenerate nature preceding regenerate conduct” (Page 125)

“Second, mortification and vivification are practices of evangelical obedience, because they are dutiful, loving compliance with the law which the Gospel entails. The Gospel is both declaration and exhortation: declaration first, but also—because it is the declaration of the rebirth of creaturely vocation—exhortation to walk in newness of life.” (Page 131)

“After baptism, the Christian exists in a mixed condition, under a double determination of old and new, Adam and Christ” (Page 126)

“First, they are not self-initiated movements but movements which are consequent upon Christ’s death and resurrection” (Page 130)

  • John P. Burgess
  • Katherine Sonderegger
  • D. Stephen Long

Kent Eilers is assistant professor of theology at Huntington University. He has a PhD from the University of Aberdeen. He is also the author of Faithful to Save: Pannenberg on God’s Reconciling Activity.

Kyle Strobel is assistant professor of theology at Grand Canyon University. He is also the author of Jonathan Edwards’s Theology: A Reinterpretation. He has a PhD from the University of Aberdeen.


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Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Digital list price: $29.99
Regular price: $21.99
Save $5.50 (25%)