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Camp Logos 2 (Logos 5)

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Have you ever wondered how to manage the books in your library better? Or how to know what Logos features are in each book? Camp Logos 2 is a very practical seminar that focuses on the book-level of the software, helping thousands of Logos users to organize and understand their books for maximum benefit.

Camp Logos 2 picks up where the first Camp Logos leaves off. This seminar is completely different from the first Camp Logos. In addition to learning about book management, indexing, and collections, this seminar will teach you various other tools to maximize the way you do bible study, including the new Visual Filters in Logos 5, original language searching, performing better morphological and syntactical studies, and utilizing your Passage List.

Camp Logos 2 takes Morris Proctor’s highly effective training from his seminars to your computer, allowing you to make use of this powerful seminar from anywhere in the world, with just the click of a mouse.

Get the latest version of this training—built for Logos 7—here.

Don’t have Logos 7? Get up-to-date with Logos 7 Basic—free.

  • Over 10 hours of training
  • Interactive guides
  • Pause when you need to and work at your own pace
  • Part 1: Organize Your Books
    • Know Your Books
    • Know the Indexing of Your Books
    • Prioritize Your Books
    • Tag Your Books
    • Collect Your Books
    • Parallelize Your Books
    • Report Your Books
  • Part 2: Logos Features
    • Compare Pericopes
    • Text Comparison
    • Information
    • Highlighting
    • Visual Filters for English Words and Original Lemmas
    • Louw-Nida Numbers
    • Original Language Searches
    • Morphology
    • Syntax
    • Passage List
  • Title: Camp Logos 2 (Logos 5)
  • Author: Morris Proctor
  • Publisher: MP Seminars
  • Print Publication Date: 2014
  • Logos Release Date: 2014
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital > Logos Edition
  • Subject: Bible study > Training--Software training
  • Resource ID: LLS:CAMPLOGOS_2
  • Resource Type: Media
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2018-10-16T00:15:08Z

Morris Proctor, authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software, offers 2-day Camp Logos training seminars at dozens of locations around the country. Ever since Logos Bible Software revolutionized his personal study, he has been devoting his time through his company, Morris Proctor Seminars, to train Logos users to realize its full potential.

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