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Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith


While witnessing for your faith, you often encounter difficult questions and challenges to your beliefs. How should you respond? Editors Norman Geisler and Chad Meister understand the challenges of answering questions about the Christian faith. Their book, Reasons for Faith, gives believers grounded biblical apologetics to help them defend their faith. By both illustrating the importance of apologetics and applying them to popular culture and theological issues, Geisler and Meister provide Christians with the tools they need to share their faith in today’s society.

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Key Features

  • Provides readers with ways to defend their faith through biblical apologetics
  • Applies apologetics to modern cultural and theological issues
  • Features thoughts from over two dozen different authors and theologians


  • What Is Apologetics and Why Do We Need It?
    • “An Apologetic for Apologetics,” by Mark Mittelberg
    • “A Relevant Apologetic,” by Josh McDowell
    • “Apologetics for the Twenty-first Century,” by John Warwick Montgomery
    • “A Biblical Argument for Balanced Apologetics: How the Apostle Paul Practiced Apologetics in the Acts,” by H. Wayne House
    • “The Character of the Good Apologist: An Appreciation for the Life and Labors of Bob Passantino,” by E. Calvin Beisner
  • Cultural and Theological Issues in Apologetics
    • “The Essentials of the Christian Faith,” by Norman L. Geisler
    • “Postmodernism and Truth,” by J.P. Moreland
    • “Politics, Faith, and the Separation of Church and State,” by Francis J. Beckwith
    • “Aslan in the Public Square,” by Louis Markos
    • “Abortion, Research Cloning, and Beyond: New Challenges for Pro-Lifers in a Brave New World,” by Scott Klusendorf
    • “The Value of Historical Theology for Apologetics,” by Alan W. Gomes
    • “Open Theism,” by Chad V. Meister
  • Defending Christian Theism
    • “The Cosmological Argument,” by Winfried Corduan
    • “The Design Argument,” by Miguel Angel Endara
    • “The Transcendental Argument,” by Sean Choi
    • “God and the Evidence of Evil,” by R. Douglas Geivett
    • “The New Testament, Jesus Christ, and The Da Vinci Code,” by Richard G. Howe
    • “The Resurrection of Jesus and Recent Agnosticism,” by Gary Habermas
  • World Religious Movements
    • “Mormonism,” by Kurt Van Gorden
    • “Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Doctrine of Salvation,” by Jim Valentine and Eric Pement
    • “Oneness Pentecostals and the Doctrine of God,” by Ron Rhodes
    • “Witchcraft,” by Richard G. Howe
    • “Satanism,” by Jon Trott
    • “Reasoning Faith and Global Missions: On Reaching Hindus and Hindu-Like Peoples,” by David J. Hesselgrave
  • Postscript: “A Manifesto for Christian Apologetics: Nineteen Theses to Shake the World with the Truth,” by Douglas Groothuis

Praise for the Print Edition

Reasons for Faith, edited by Norm Geisler and Chad Meister, is a handbook for defending the biblical worldview that every pastor should have on his desk and every thoughtful layperson could study with benefit. This is a timely and timeless book.

Charles Colson, founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

Norman Geisler and Chad Meister have gathered together many of today’s top apologists in Reasons for Faith, a fresh, new book that serves as an excellent resource for anyone seeking answers regarding matters of faith. Well-documented, yet accessible for the everyday reader, this book sets a new standard for collaborative writing in the area of apologetics. I highly recommend it!

—John Ankerberg, president and founder, The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

The church today faces a bewildering array of issues that challenge the truth or plausibility of Christian claims. Reasons for Faith provides an informative and helpful response to many of these issues. Even those who may not agree with every argument or conclusion will benefit from careful reading of this significant work.

Harold A. Netland, professor of philosophy of religion and intercultural studies and the Naomi A. Fausch Chair of Missions, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Chad Meister and Norm Geisler have delivered a tour de force for apologetics in Reasons for Faith, a treasure trove of rich apologetical information addressing a myriad of relevant subjects. For saints and seekers alike, this is a must read and an apologetics classic in the making.

—R. Phillip Roberts, president, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Provides just the formidable, relevant, wide-ranging, and winsome defense of the faith necessary to equip any believer to participate effectively in today’s marketplace of ideas.

—Hank Hanegraaff, president, The Christian Research Institute

Product Details

About the Editors

Norman L. Geisler is author or coauthor of some sixty books, including The Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics, the four-volume Systematic Theology, and many more. He has taught at the university and graduate level for nearly forty years and has spoken or debated in all 50 states and in 25 countries. He holds a PhD in philosophy from Loyola University and now serves as president of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

Chad V. Meister is director of philosophy at Bethel College in Indiana. He formerly headed up the Defenders Ministry at Willow Creek Community Church.

  • Title: Reasons for Faith: Making a Case for the Christian Faith
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