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Auswahl klassischer Bibeln (3 Bde.)

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Get three classic German Bibles reflecting diverse translation methods and perspectives. With Catholic, conservative Lutheran, and liberal Protestant, translations, this collection displays Germany’s rich heritage of biblical scholarship. Each translation captures everyday German vernacular and helps readers understand the Bible’s message in their own language.

The Logos Auswahl klassischer Bibeln Collection equips you for better study with cutting-edge functionality and features. Citations link directly to English translations and original-language texts, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. The Topic Guide lets you perform powerful searches to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources. Tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

  • Includes translations from both Protestants and Catholics
  • Displays the rich heritage of German biblical scholarship
  • Presents the Bible in German vernacular
  • Title: Auswahl klassischer Bibeln
  • Volumes: 3
  • Pages: 4,958
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Elberfelder 1905: Großer Text

  • Author: John Nelson Darby, Julius Anton von Poseck, and Carl Brockhaus
  • Publisher: R. Brockhaus
  • Published in: 1905
  • Pages: 2,557

John Nelson Darby (1800–1882), an evangelist, was known as the father of dispensationalism. He attended Westminster School and Trinity College. Darby became a lawyer, but practiced law for only one year, believing his faith was incompatible with legal practice. He was ordained as a deacon in the Church of England in 1825 and became a priest in 1826. He wrote Synopsis of the Books of the Bible and edited the Darby Bible.

Julius Anton von Poseck (1816–1896) was a minister, Bible translator, hymn writer, and founder of the Brethren Movement.

Carl Brockhaus (1822–1899) was a school teacher and leader of the German Brethren movement. As a young teacher, he had a dramatic conversion experience and founded the SCM R. Brockhaus publishing house.

Protestantenbibel: Neuen Testamentes

  • Author: Paul Wilhelm Schmidt and Franz von Holtzendorff
  • Publisher: Johann Ambrosius Barth
  • Published in: 1872
  • Pages: 1055

Paul Wilhelm Schmidt (1845–1917) was professor of New Testament at Basel, and was a highly regarded representative of Swiss liberal Protestantism.

Franz von Holtzendorff (1829–1889) was a German New Testament scholar and lawyer.

Die heilige Schriften des alten und neuen Testamentes

  • Author: Leander van Eß
  • Publisher: J.E. v Seidel
  • Published in: 1858
  • Pages: 1,346

Leander van Eß (1772–1847) was a Catholic theologian and professor at Marburg. He is best known for his translation of the Bible into German for Catholic believers.


Collection value: $38.97
Save $3.98 (10%)