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The Anchor Yale Bible: Deuteronomy 1–11 (AYB)

ISBN: 9780300139433
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Deuteronomy 1–11 is here presented in a ground-breaking new translation, with a comprehensive introduction and thorough commentary by world-renowned Israeli biblical scholar Moshe Weinfeld. The “second law,” Deuteronomy portrays Moses as the founder and great lawgiver of Israel. In a series of addresses, Moses reviews his life and the life of God’s people. He reminds them of the guiding hand of God, which has brought them thus far along the way, and will bring their Exodus and wanderings to a triumphal conclusion in the Holy Land.

Through a beautiful translation and insightful comments in this first of two volumes on Deuteronomy, Weinfeld reinvigorates the basic laws of society with their life-giving power: the Shema (“Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One”) and the Great Commandment (“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might”). These laws govern Israelite religious and communal life under God’s guidance.

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Resource Experts
  • Offers original translations, including alternative translations, annotations, and variants
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary on the text
  • Presents the reader with historical background, including analysis of authorship and dating
  • Features an extensive bibliography of primary and secondary literature
  • Historical Survey (1:6–3:29)
    • The Order to Depart (1:6–8)
    • The Organization of the Judiciary (1:9–18)
    • The Sin of the Spies (1:19–28)
    • The Speech of Moses concerning the Sin of the Spies (1:29–46)
    • The Circuit of Edom, Moab, and Ammon (2:1–23)
    • The Conquest of Transjordan (2:24–3:17)
    • Instructions to the Transjordanian Tribes concerning the Conquest (3:18–22)
    • The Prayer of Moses (3:23–29)
  • Hortatory Address (4:1–40)
  • The Assignment by Moses of the Cities of Refuge in Transjordan (4:41–43)
  • 4:44–11:32
    • Introduction to the Exposition of the Law in Chapters 5–26 (4:44–49)
    • The Prologue to the Decalogue (5:1–5)
    • The Decalogue (5:6–18)
    • Epilogue to the Decalogue (5:19–6:3)
    • Exclusive Allegiance to YHWH (6:4–25)
    • The Conquest of the Land; The Struggle with the Canaanites and Their Culture (7:1–26)
    • The Lessons from the Wanderings in the Desert (8:1–20)
    • The Sin of the Past (9:1–10:11)
    • The Preparations for the Entrance into the Promised Land (10:12–11:32)

Top Highlights

“Although the loss of land is a punishment for the violation of the covenant, which means abrogation of the law in general, principal sins are specified for which the people will go into exile.” (Page 58)

“In Deuteronomy the term love has a special meaning of loyalty, as in the vassal loyalty oaths” (Page 338)

“According to M. Noth, Deuteronomy is a part of the Deuteronomic historiography, which started with Deut 1:1 and concluded with 2 Kgs 25 (1943, pp. 12–18). Deuteronomy 4:44–30:20—in his view—were incorporated en bloc by the Deuteronomic historiographer into his work.” (Page 13)

“The implication of ‘might’ is twofold: ability (i.e., power, strength), and means (i.e., wealth).” (Page 339)

“‘Heart’ connotes mind, and indeed LXX has dianoia ‘mind’ instead of kardia ‘heart’.” (Page 338)

  • Title: Deuteronomy 1–11
  • Author: Moshe Weinfeld
  • Series: Anchor Yale Bible (AYB)
  • Publisher: Yale University Press
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 488

Moshe Weinfeld is a professor emeritus of Bible at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is also author of History, Historiography and Interpretation, available from Logos in the Magnes Press Old Testament Studies Collection (12 vols.).


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Print list price: $47.00
Save $5.01 (10%)