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Jerusalem and Athens

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, 1971


The critical essays in this book are dedicated to Cornelius Van Til on the occasion of his 75th birthday and 40th anniversary as professor of apologetics at Westminister Theological Seminary, in recognition of his tireless efforts in the statement and defense of the Christian faith.

“This symposium is composed of essays which deal, more or less directly, with the problems and issues raised and discussed in the apologetics of Cornelius Van Til. Nevertheless, it is precisely these issues-the authority of the Scriptures, the noetic effects of the Fall, the existence of ’common ground’ between believer and unbeliever-which have been at the forefront of theological discussion in the twentieth century, especially in evangelical circles. The essays contained herein are, in this regard, significant continuations of these discussions and therefore become of interest to all concerned with such problems and not only to those who seek to honor Cornelius Van Til in this way.

“In order to increase the usefulness of this symposium within this wider context of interest, especially for those either new to the issues themselves or unfamiliar with the work of Prof. Van Til, three alterations have been introduced into this work which thereby distinguish it from its European counterpart, the Festschrift. First, Dr. Van Til was prevailed upon to write a basic, non-philosophical introduction to his own thought. This is found in the first essay, “My Credo.” Second, he was asked to respond to each essay which he felt necessitated, in some way, a reply.”- From the Introduction by E. R. Geehan

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  • Title: Jerusalem and Athens
  • Editor: E. R. Geehan
  • Publisher: Presbyterian and Reformed
  • Publication Date: 1971