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The Works of Cornelius Van Til (39 vols.)

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Since its release more than a decade ago, this definitive collection of works from the renowned Cornelius Van Til has become an essential tool for apologists and students of Van Til's thought. We are pleased to make it available in this new enhanced edition for Logos BIble Software.

Please note: at this time, the audio components included in this collection function only on the Windows and Mac desktop applications.

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  • All of the material from the original edition has been updated to take advantage of the advanced features of Logos Bible Software.
  • The contents (originally in a single resource) have been split into 39 resources making it easier to locate specific titles in My Library and navigate this massive collection.
  • The new edition also includes enhancements like additional hyperlinks to other resources. Nearly 2,000 links have been added to Barth's Church Dogmatics alone.
Van Til . . . is perhaps the most important Christian thinker of the twentieth-century.

John M. Frame, Westminster Theological Seminary

The desire of Cornelius Van Til is to present and to teach a thoroughly Biblical system of apologetics, giving to the natural man no quarter in his all-out warfare against the Biblical system of truth.

—F. R. Howe, Dallas Theological Seminary

Van Til's presuppositional approach has been a powerful impetus for reform in Christian thinking. Outwardly, it directs a transcendental challenge to all philosophies which fall short of a Biblical theory of knowledge, demonstrating that their worldviews do not provide the philosophical preconditions needed for the intelligible use of logic, science, or ethics. Inwardly, it calls for self-examination by Christian scholars and apologists to see if their own theories of knowledge have been self-consciously developed in subordination to the word of God which they wish to vindicate or apply. It has likewise cut a wide swath through a large number of relevant areas of interest, requiring that every area of life be governed by the inscripturated word of God.

—Dr. Greg Bahnsen, student of Van Til

  • Title: The Works of Cornelius Van Til
  • Volumes: 39
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Dr. Cornelius Van Til served as a professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, for 43 years. He retired in 1972, but remained as an emeritus professor until his death in 1987. Van Til, an immigrant from The Netherlands, was one of the most respected apologetic theologians of his time.

Van Til earned degrees from Calvin College, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Princeton University on his way to becoming an Orthodox Presbyterian Minister. He served throughout the ministry and scholarly fields, including teaching as an instructor of apologetics at Princeton Theological Seminary and being heavily involved with the foundation of the Philadelphia-Montgomery Christian Academy.

His most noted writings include The New Modernism, The Defense of the Faith, and Christianity and Barthianism. Much of his work with apologetics focuses on presuppositions, the difference between believers and non-believers, and the opposition between Christian and non-Christian worldviews.

More information about Van Til as a teacher and Reformed theologian is available in an article Eric Sigward wrote for New Horizons entitled "Van Til Made Me Reformed." Read the article as HTML or PDF (copyright 2004 by New Horizons; used by permission).


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  1. Cris Dickason

    Cris Dickason


    Page numbers are now available in Van Til's works with the Visual Filter option (the three 3 stacked cannon balls icon) for any title; no universal default option.
  2. Mete Görkem

    Mete Görkem


    Dear Logos Team, I would like to ask you if you could add the page numbers in the works of Cornelius Van Til for the purpose of the citability of the documents. Thank you for considering my request and for your efforts. With cordial greetings
  3. Mete Görkem

    Mete Görkem


    Dear Logos Team, I would like to ask you if you could add the page numbers in the works of Cornelius Van Til for the purpose of citing the documents. Thank you for considering my request and for your efforts. With cordial greetings
  4. Mads Valencia Osen
    pages, please...
  5. sebastian



  6. 송승규



    please, add pages... I have difficulty in citation for report..
  7. Larry Craig

    Larry Craig


    I'm hearing a lot of good things about van Til, but I really would like to see some sample pages before I spend a lot of money here. I'm sure I can probably find some somewhere, but you're supposed to try to sell this to me. Right?
  8. Mokhatla



    I was pleased to find a significant bit of audio of Dr. Van Til as well. I have greatly benefited from the little bit that I've read from this remarkable man and I look forward to diving deeper into his other works (and trying to understand him!).



    it great!
  10. Mitch Bedzyk

    Mitch Bedzyk


    Everything is outstanding except for the fact that there are no page numbers. Makes it rather difficult to site the works for my seminary papers


Collection value: $448.61
Save $248.62 (55%)
Payment plans available in cart