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A History of the Moravian Church

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Spanning the vast history of the Moravian Church, J. E. Hutton’s A History of the Moravian Church begins in 1415 with the execution of John Huss, covers the revival of the church under Zinzendorf in the 1700s, and shows the progress and growth of the Moravian Church up to the twentieth century.

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Key Features

  • Covers Moravian Church history from 1415 up to the twentieth century
  • Details the revival of the Moravian Church and the influence of Zinzendorf
  • Provides material well suited for students


  • The Bohemian Brethren. 1457–1673
  • The Revival under Zinzendorf. 1700–1760
  • The Rule of the Germans. 1760–1857
  • The Modern Moravians 1857–1908

Top Highlights

“Let who will,’ he thundered, ‘proclaim the contrary; let the Pope, or a Bishop, or a Priest say, ‘I forgive thee thy sins; I free thee from the pains of Hell.’ It is all vain, and helps thee nothing. God alone, I repeat, can forgive sins through Christ.’” (Page 20)

“‘Lord Jesus Christ,’ he said, ‘pardon all my enemies, I pray thee, for the sake of Thy great mercy! Thou knowest that they have falsely accused me, brought forward false witnesses and false articles against me. O! pardon them for Thine infinite mercies’ sake.’” (Page 25)

“But of all the heretical bodies in Bohemia the most influential were the Waldenses.” (Page 30)

“As their watch-fires shone in the darkness of the forests, so their pure lives shone among a darkened people. No weapon did they use except the pen. They never retaliated, never rebelled, never took up arms in their own defence, never even appealed to the arm of justice. When smitten on one cheek, they turned the other; and from ill-report they went to good report, till the King for very shame had to let them be.” (Page 50)

“Hus refused to recognise either. At last one of the rival Popes, the immoral John XXIII., sent a number of preachers to Prague on a very remarkable errand.” (Page 20)

Product Details

  • Title: A History of the Moravian Church
  • Author: J. E. Hutton
  • Edition: Second
  • Publisher: Moravian Publication Office
  • Publication Date: 1909
  • Pages: 520

J. E. Hutton (1868–1937) was an English Moravian minister and author. He pastored the Fairfield Moravian Church from 1922 to 1934.


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    Digital list price: $16.49
    Save $4.00 (24%)