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The Revival Study Bible

ISBN: 9789814270113

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With more than 1,800 articles, The Revival Study Bible is a unique resource that examines the revivals that have shaped and defined Christianity for 2,000 years. Utilizing the NKJV, the studies in this Bible treat Scripture as the centerpiece of all revivals, and highlight God’s work by providing inspiring accounts of supernatural events, miracles, and other awe-inspiring works of God. The Revival Study Bible also addresses methods and principles for bringing future revivals to Christians around the globe.

With the Logos editions, these valuable volumes are enhanced by amazing functionality and features. Scripture and ancient-text citations link directly to English translations and original-language texts, and important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Perform powerful searches with the Topic Guide to instantly gather relevant biblical texts and resources. Tablet and mobile apps let you take the discussion with you. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place so you get the most out of your study.

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Resource Experts
  • Over 1,800 articles and study notes by renowned revivalists, evangelists, and missionaries from all over the world
  • Revival accounts and historical summaries of revival acts of God
  • Insights and principles that will help bring transformation and revival

Top Highlights

“In its classic sense, revival can be defined as a season of unusual divine visitation resulting in deep repentance, supernatural renewal, and sweeping reformation in the Church, along with the radical conversion of sinners in the world, often producing moral, social, and even economic change in the local or national communities. But is such a concept biblical? And is the term ‘revival’ even found in the Scriptures?” (Page ix)

“For both Law and Whyte, Adam began to lose his first perfection before Eve was developed” (Page 7)

“Following the death of Abel, Eve conceived another son and named him Seth. Seth’s name means ‘a substitute’ or ‘replacement.’ Eve’s statement concerning the child indicates that she believed that Seth was to replace Abel’s life and possibly his prophetic role. Seth represents a prophetic revival and signifies that when the prophets are revived, worship will emerge again, hence Enosh the son of Seth was born. After the birth of Enosh, men began to invite the presence of God again. Perhaps Eve hoped that Abel and then Seth were the seed that God had promised would bruise the serpent’s head. Then possibly, they could return to Eden once again.” (Page 12)

“Genuine revival requires discerning recognition as to how the enemy seduces individuals away from God and entices man to love knowledge more fervently than the Creator of all things. Idolatry begins when intimacy with God takes second place.” (Page 8)

“Genuine revival is ‘born, not of the blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God’ (John 1:13). By its very nature, revival is upsetting to the normal order of things, and almost without exception, those involved challenged both the Church and the culture by their lives and ministries. Like all ordinary men and women who loved God and people in both Scripture and history, they sometimes had real faults and failings, both loyal supporters and angry detractors, companions in the radicality of their calling or outspoken objectors with their own critical cohorts.” (Page xiv)

William “Winkie” Pratney is a Christian apologist, evangelist, and youth minister. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he has written more than 20 books including Ultimate CORE: Church on the Radical Edge and Revival: Principles to Change the World. In honor of his distinguished career, YWAM recently named their library in Lindale, Texas, the Winkie Pratney Revival Library.

Steve Hill is a renowned preacher and revivalist. Best known as the leader of the Brownsville Revival, Hill was converted to Christianity after spending his teenage years using drugs and alcohol. Hill was trained at the Teen Challenge training school by David Wilkerson and has preached all over the world.

Dr. Tamara Winslow is the founder of Institutes for Biblical Truth, and has been serving in ministry as a teacher, minister, writer since 1978. Earning multiple doctorates at the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology, her years in ministry have produced profound expressions of the gospel and has touched lives all around the globe.


5 ratings

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  1. Robert Scull

    Robert Scull


    Excellent resource!
  2. Sarita Morales
    How do I go directly to The Revival Study Bible after purchasing on iPhone and wanting to read it from iPad?
  3. Jeffrey Gardner
    This is an awesome resource of information about revival fire linked with God's word and pointing us toward God through Christ Jesus!
  4. Angela Conley
    Really enjoying this so far. So glad it is available here as the hard copy is currently out of print and goes for $300 used if you can even find it. I would surely get a hard copy and the CD if they are ever available again as well, but like having the electronic version here too.
  5. Cameron Conway
  6. mick



    Why are some books missing in the electronic version?
  7. Ken Avery

    Ken Avery


    It looks like we do not get the CD material, is that true? I can't find it if it is there; if it is, can someone indicate where it is? Thanks, Ken
  8. David pauley

    David pauley


    I own the hard copy of this Bible, well worth the money. The hard copy comes with a CD that contains more than 1500 works from some of the great names in church history. Well worth the money, one of the best Bibles I ever bought.
  9. Wendy Brooks

    Wendy Brooks


    Do you have any idea when this electronic version will be available for download so we can access it? I certainly would like to have this as soon as possible. However, I may have to settle for the actual printed copy if this is going to take months before it is available. I already completed the pre-order, but just need an idea of what kind of timeline we are looking at until its release. Thanks so much!
  10. Kathy Manos

    Kathy Manos


    I only read the sample pages; but,just reading the 1st sample page of study notes of Gen 1:1 regarding repentance I was struck by the deepness and painful process of our eventual recognition of our sin before a Holy, All-Knowing, Perfect God who knows our hearts and if we're lucky, He will reveal to us, too our obligation to Him for All He has done for each one of us in return for nothing--only believing that He is, He has and He will which will hopefully invoke a true desire within each of us to repent and come to God on His terms, not ours because we WANT To, as much as He wants us to realizing agape love for God, ourselves and others. I think this is what will enable us to love our neighbors and desire all to be saved, rather than lost and really feeling the hopelessness and the lost quality of those who will not turn to Him and a desire within us to help them and love them as God loves us. I had never thought about repentance and God's hurt by us and for us in this way; which made me want to read this Study Bible for more insight like this into God's Word.


Digital list price: $24.99
Save $5.00 (20%)