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Commentaries on the Laws of Moses (4 vols.)


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In Commentaries on the Laws of Moses, modern readers will find an extensive interpretive treatise on the Pentateuch’s laws—one that is significantly different from what they’ve come to expect from modern commentaries. Written during the revolutionary era of the eighteenth century, these volumes seek not only to explain the Mosaic Laws, but also to interpret them with a view toward implementing them in the contemporary legal code of that time. The author, a German biblical scholar named John David Michaelis, sought not only to investigate the Mosaic laws, but to illustrate the philosophy behind them—a philosophy Michaelis believed capable of contributing to the coherence of early modern European life.

With this unique approach, Michaelis shows himself to be a scholar of both the Western religious tradition and the Western legal tradition. He also shows himself to be a student of his age. He interacts with the ideas of political theorists such as Montesquieu, focuses on personal liberty and the rejection of divinely appointed kings, ponders economics, and explores the difficult legal context of social relationships in the nascent modern world.

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  • Provides commentary while showing how the Mosaic Law applied to eighteenth century political contexts
  • Employs the wide swath of the author’s expertise including history, linguistics, political philosophy, and the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Offer over 2,000 pages of insightful commentary on the Mosaic Law and its ongoing importance
  • Title: Commentaries on the Laws of Moses (4 vols.)
  • Author: John David Michaelis
  • Translator: Alexander Smith
  • Publisher: Paternoster
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 2,210

John David Michaelis (1717–1791) was a German philosopher, theologian, and biblical scholar. He was professor of philosophy at the University of Gottingen. He is the author of a set of commentaries on the Pentateuch.


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Digital list price: $32.99
Save $8.00 (24%)