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Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive


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MarriageToday’s pastoral teaching for couples

No marriage is hopeless. That’s MarriageToday’s foundational belief, proven year after year as husbands and wives discover restoration for their troubled marriages. And now, the teaching behind relationship and marriage strengthening comes to Logos Bible Software.

Christian marriage expert Jimmy Evans and the teaching staff at MarriageToday bring together more than 150 sermons and small-group lessons for Christian couples married or thinking about marriage. In Logos, this impressive archive brings the best marriage tools right to your fingertips—whether you’re on a PC, Mac, or mobile device. Learn from the experts—and, in turn, provide expert counseling—from Jimmy Evans and MarriageToday.

In Logos, this archive integrates seamlessly with the software. Discover marriage advice when you run searches by Bible verse or topic, and dig deeper with links to other texts in your library.

Resource Experts

Key Features

  • Provides dozens of sermon series and small-group lessons
  • Implements proven marriage counseling strategies
  • Helps couples overcome past wounds, present challenges, and future obstacles

Top Highlights

“No, ladies and gentleman, marriage is not just ‘a piece of paper.’ Marriage is the spirit of the Living God. (Amen from the crowd) Marriage is a spiritual relationship. In the beginning when He created marriage, He put a spiritual blessing over the marriage. And Adam and Eve violated the spiritual blessing. Did you realize that Adam and Eve traded the blessing of God for a piece of fruit? They took, they did not see, they did not appreciate the presence of God on their marriage. Understand this, when the presence of God left their marriage, they were naked and afraid and divided and condemned and alone and all the blessing of God had departed from their marriage. I want you to understand that what makes marriage blessed, is the spirit of God on that marriage.” (source)

“Number three characteristic of renewed mind. I am going to go through these real quickly. Is fresh thinking … number three is fresh thinking. Israel was in a box.” (source)

“Number seven reason why we pray is to declare the will and word of God into the seen and unseen realms.” (source)

“three original conditions of God’s blessing on marriage” (source)

“Intimacy also means unhindered access on every level to another individual. It means I have unhindered access to your thoughts. I have unhindered access to your emotions. I have unhindered access spiritually to what is going on in your life.” (source)

Product Details

  • Title: Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive
  • Author: Jimmy Evans
  • Publisher: Jimmy Evans
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Sermons: 150+
Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans is a pastor, Bible teacher, and best-selling author. He is the president and co-founder of MarriageToday, a marriage ministry and a national award-winning broadcast television program. He has authored several books and studies focused on strengthening marriage and families, including Lifeong Love Affair: How to have a Passionate and Deeply Rewarding Marriage. He and Karen have been married for over 35 years and have two adult children and three grandchildren.

Logos has collected Evans’ sermons in the Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive.


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  1. Phil Niebergall
  2. Skip Tyler

    Skip Tyler


    I wonder how many marriages could have been saved if this product came out earlier.



    Goodness I keep waiting for this to come out! Come on already! I would have bought it five times by now
  4. mike



  5. Pure and Lovely
    Jimmy Evans together with his wife have given us counsel through his messages that have helped our marriage tremendously. The principles are proven. These principles when applied will humble you,and exalt your marriage to a place greater than you could ask. God has a plan for christian marriages to be abundant. This fountain we have found in God's word will never dry up. We are so grateful for the obedience of Jimmy and Karen for sharing their testimonies and truths so vividly to couples worldly. Glory and thanks be to God who always causes us to triumph!


Digital list price: $59.99
Save $12.00 (20%)