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Historical Jesus Studies Collection (5 vols.)

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Does the essence of Christianity rest on Jesus as presented in the Gospels, or can he be substituted with a demythologized stand-in? Who was Jesus of Nazareth and what can we know about him? These questions drive the search for the historical Jesus, and the volumes in this collection set out to answer them. Investigate this influential subject which has shaped New Testament studies and lays at the very foundation of the Christian faith.

In The Historical Christ and the Theological Jesus, Princeton professor Dale C. Allison Jr. candidly presents his examination of the evidence throughout his career as a New Testament scholar and offers a tempered assessment. In Who Is Jesus?, Carl E. Braaten presents an informative survey of the first, second, and third quests for the historical Jesus, and he offers a compelling case for the canonical Jesus as the only one relevant for Christianity. Drawing on extensive research and vast erudition, Craig S. Keener’s The Historical Jesus of the Gospels demonstrates that, when thoroughly grounded in its early Jewish setting, Scripture’s testimony concerning Jesus offers a more coherent and plausible interpretation than competing theories. Paul Barnett’s Finding the Historical Christ offers a well-researched, historically rigorous case for the accuracy of the canonical account of Jesus and his messianic identity, even marshaling hostile witnesses who attest to the reliability of the gospels. And in the massive Jesus Research, renowned Princeton scholar James H. Charlesworth gathers distinguished Jewish and Christian contributors to weigh in on the state of nearly every facet of Jesus research.

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  • Comprehensive coverage of research on the historical Jesus
  • Survey and analysis of the first, second, and third quests
  • Historical analysis of the Gospel accounts in their early Jewish context
  • Title: Eerdmans Historical Jesus Studies Collection
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Volumes: 5
  • Format: Logos Research Edition
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Collection value: $116.95
Save $20.96 (17%)