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Kuyper Center Review (4 vols.)

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Each volume of The Kuyper Center Review, produced by the Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, presents historical and critical essays exploring the relation between Reformed Christianity and culture. It focuses on the writings of Abraham Kuyper, whose life as a pastor, theologian, journalist, and politician remarkably exemplified expressions of confidence in the Christian worldview in both theory and practice. This annual publication offers readers the best new works exploring the history and contemporary relevance of Reformed theology for key topics in politics, economics, and culture.

Volume 1 explores Kuyper’s influential concept of sphere sovereignty as a way of delineating the boundaries of authority encompassing the various areas of life—private and public, ecclesial and secular. Volume 2 discusses the theological lens of common grace, which offers an accurate view of the relationship between Christianity and the broader culture. Volume 3 provides historical, theological, and practical treatments of the positive neo-Calvinist view of the arts and their place within Christianity. Volume 4 examines Kuyper’s contributions to the development of democracy in the Netherlands at the turn of the twentieth century, and suggests ways that Kuyper’s work can guide democracy today.

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  • The best new work on the history and relevance of Reformed theology for politics, economics, and culture
  • Historical, theological, and practical essays on Kuyper and his enduring significance
  • Articles on key topics produced by the Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology at Princeton
  • Title: Kuyper Center Review
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Volumes: 4
  • Pages: 912
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Abraham Kuyper (1837–1920) was one of the most extraordinary individuals of his time. A prolific intellectual and theologian, he founded the Free University in Amsterdam and was instrumental in the development of Neo-Calvinism. He was also an active politician, serving as a member of Parliament in the Netherlands beginning in 1874 and serving as Prime Minister from 1901 to 1905.

At this intersection of church and state, he devoted much of his writing towards developing a public theology. His passion was to faithfully understand and engage culture through a Christian worldview. The most famous example is his articulation of the doctrine of common grace. His work has influenced countless others, including Francis Schaeffer, Cornelius Van Til, and Alvin Plantinga.


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    Collection value: $92.87
    Save $15.88 (17%)