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300 Christmas Quotations and Prayers


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Christmas Quotations and Prayers

We celebrate the seasons of Advent and Christmas every year—and every year, pastors look for ways to inspire their hearers with the birth of Christ. Find the words you need in 300 Christmas Quotations and Prayers. Selecting a fitting quotation or prayer and sharing it with your congregation—a task that can often take hours—will now take you just minutes. In this resource you’ll find entries from authors like Anselm of Canterbury, Athanasius of Alexandria, Augustine of Hippo, G. K. Chesterton, Bernard of Clairvaux, George Herbert, Thomas à Kempis, Richard Sibbes, Charles Spurgeon, and more. Professionally designed slides accompany each quotation and prayer, and there is even a slide template for presenting your own content.

Key Features

300 Christmas Quotations and Prayers:

  • Provides material for sermon prep—If you’re preaching on a Scripture or topic, you can search this resource to easily find relevant quotations and prayers.
  • Makes sharing easy—The slides make it easy to incorporate quotations and prayers into your presentation. To export a quotation into a document, just copy and paste, and it is automatically footnoted. The full citation from the original source, including the date, is only a click away.
  • Creates elegant presentations—The professionally designed slides can be easily exported to Proclaim, Logos’ own presentation software. If you’re not already a Proclaim user, get it today!
  • Saves time and effort—No need to comb through multiple books looking for an appropriate quotation or prayer. This curated collection is categorized multiple ways, making this resource easier to use than other quotation and prayer books.

This collection of 300 quotations and prayers is organized by title, theme, and associated Scripture references. Each one includes a link to the original resource. The perfect words for your Advent or Christmas services are just a few clicks away from being part of your sermon or message, edited to the perfect length for preaching.

Top Highlights

“We rejoice in the birth of Jesus, and we anticipate His return in glory.” (source)

“The first coming of Christ was like a bridge which crossed the chasm, and made a way of access from God to man, and then from man to God. Our Lord’s second advent will make that bridge far broader, until heaven shall come down to earth; and, ultimately, earth shall go up to Heaven.” (source)

“slurping copious amounts of eggnog. Yet the source of the joy and anticipation we feel” (source)

“The difference between the richest and the poorest man is just nothing compared with the difference between Christ in the glory of His Godhead and Christ in His humiliation. The stoop was altogether immeasurable. You cannot describe His riches, and you cannot describe His poverty. You have never had any idea of how high He was as God; and you can never imagine how low He stooped when He cried, ‘My God, My God, why have you forsaken Me?’” (source)

“He who was born at Bethlehem is God, and ‘God with us.’ God—there lies the majesty; ‘God with us,’ there lies the mercy. God—therein is glory; ‘God with us,’ therein is grace. God alone might well strike us with terror; but ‘God with us’ inspires us with hope and confidence.” (source)

Product Details

  • Title: 300 Christmas Quotations and Prayers
  • Editor: Elliot Ritzema
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Format: Logos Digital
Elliot Ritzema

Elliot Ritzema graduated with an MDiv from Regent College, where he was a teaching assistant for Biblical Hermeneutics and Christian Thought & Culture. He was also editor of—and frequent contributor to—the Et Cetera, Regent's weekly student newsletter. He has a BA in Journalism (magna cum laude) from the University of Richmond, and served as a copy editing intern at the Los Angeles Times. He has a particular interest in Christian education and ethics, and frequently teaches classes (and occasionally preaches) at the church he and his wife attend in Bellingham, WA.


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  1. Christopher Esget
    This was a disappointing purchase. It's heavily focused on Charles Spurgeon. There are some other authors sprinkled in, including Augustine and Bernard of Clairvaux, but the sources are very limited and one would do better to read those sources directly. The editor didn't seem to read widely, so if you're looking for inspiration for Christmas sermons and other writing, this is probably the wrong place to look. YMMV.
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  3. William L White
  4. Alexander C. Stewart
  5. Hector Vidales
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    Albert Cooper


  7. Justin Cofer

    Justin Cofer


  8. Dan Langston

    Dan Langston


  9. Robert Martinez
  10. GwG



Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


Regular price: $19.99
Save $5.00 (25%)