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Products>Manetho’s History of Egypt and Other Works (2 vols.)

Manetho’s History of Egypt and Other Works (2 vols.)

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Manetho was an Egyptian priest who lived during the third century BC. To acquaint the Mediterranean world with Egypt, he wrote in Greek about Egyptian history, mythology, and antiquities. As a priest, Manetho was afforded unrivaled access to historical records—papyri in the temple archives, hieroglyphic tablets, wall sculptures, and countless inscriptions. Today, what we know of Manetho’s writings is through the works of others, including Jewish historian Josephus, as well as Christian chronographers Eusebius and Africanus. These transcriptions of Manetho’s works are a significant historical source, and are appreciated by those interested in ancient Egyptian civilization, culture, and mythology.

The digital edition of the History of Egypt and Other Works is part of the Loeb Classical Library series and includes its original Greek text with an English translation for side-by-side comparison. Use Logos’ language tools to go deeper into the Greek text with linked translations, definitions, and pronunciation tools. You can also use the dictionary lookup tool to examine difficult Greek or English words. Quick and easy access to maps and charts, as well as definitions and lexical information, allows you to follow historical events like never before.

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Key Features

  • Significant resource for Egyptian history, culture, and mythology
  • Complete surviving transcriptions of Manetho’s works
  • Loeb Classical Library editions

Product Details

  • Title: Manetho’s History of Egypt and Other Works
  • Author: Manetho
  • Translator: W. G. Waddell
  • Series: Loeb Classical Library
  • Publisher: Harvard University Press
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 288
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About Manetho

Manetho was an Egyptian priest who lived during the third century BC. He is best known for his writings on Egyptian history, as well as his role in introducing the cult of Serapis, a Greco-Egyptian god.

About W. G. Waddell

W. G. Waddell taught at the Fuad el Awal University in Cairo, Egypt. He is also the editor of Herodotus: Book II.


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Collection value: $12.48
Save $3.49 (28%)