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College Press NIV Commentary: Deuteronomy

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Deuteronomy has been a controversial book for at least the last 120 years. At that time what is known as the critical school developed which insisted that the book could neither have been written at the time of the exodus and wandering nor could it have been written by Moses. Hall has cogently and thoroughly defended the conservative position which holds to the traditional view which the book claims for itself. By carefully delineating the structure of the book both holistically and in many disputed passages, he demonstrates that Deuteronomy was originally a single piece of legal history, not a hodgepodge of writings from various times in Israel's history put together by a series of editors in the years after the exile.

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“As God’s people we are expected to reflect God’s character in our lives just as Israel was expected to do” (Page 131)

“The law was to be repeated wherever they went and wherever they were, which is the force of the double merism19 (when you sitwhen you walk; when you lie downwhen you get up). In the parallel passage in 11:19 the verb ‘to teach’ replaces ‘impress/repeat’ confirming the nuance here (see on 4:1 and references there). The covenant community had an obligation to pass on the covenant requirements to the next generation. Failure to do so jeopardized the people of God, and God’s witness in the world faced extinction.” (Page 139)

“The tithe was intended to benefit others also. Every third year it was to be deposited in storage in the home village and used to feed the poor and the Levite (cf. 26:12–14). This reflects again the fact that God’s concern for the poor and oppressed was to be reflected in the life of his covenant people (cf. 10:18–19). The result of this generosity would be more blessings (v. 29c), which in Deuteronomy meant more goods to share with God and the poor.” (Page 246)

“They are seven in number, probably a whole number intended to reflect completeness, that is, these seven represent all the people in Canaan who will be driven out.” (Page 150)

“Since covenant preceded law, it was important that Moses begin with a statement about the covenant before getting to law” (Pages 112–113)

  • Title: Deuteronomy
  • Author: Gary H. Hall
  • Series: College Press NIV Commentary
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Print Publication Date: 2000
  • Logos Release Date: 2006
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible. O.T. Deuteronomy › Commentaries
  • Resource ID: LLS:CPC_DEUT
  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
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Dr. Hall came to teach Old Testament and Hebrew at LCS in 1986. Prior to that he had taught at Kentucky Christian College, Grayson, Ky for 14 years in Old Testament and Biblical Theology. The last five years at KCC he also served as Academic Dean. While in Kentucky Dr. Hall led a student oriented prison ministry for three years, served as interim minister in two different churches, and served the local church as Sunday School teacher, youth sponsor and deacon. Since coming to Lincoln Dr. Hall has served the local church as Sunday School teacher and elder. He has also written essays and Sunday School lessons for Standard Publishing, contributed several articles to the reference work, The New International Dictionary of Old Testament Theology and Exegesis, written the commentary on Deuteronomy for the NIV Commentary series for College Press, contributed to Old Testament Introduction for College Press, published several essays and articles, and read several papers at professional meetings. He has traveled in Europe, Greece, Israel, Turkey and taught for a term at Springdale College in England. Dr. Hall was drawn to the Old Testament through the inspiration of a favorite college professor. He is concerned about its relative neglect in the churches and is dedicated to its recovery for the Christian. He is convinced that the New Testament cannot be understood without an extensive knowledge of the Old Testament. Every page of the New Testament contains quotes or allusions to the Old. The New Testament writers also assume as true much of what the Old Testament teaches about God, the world, mankind, sin and God’s plan for redeeming the world. Therefore, it is crucial that the Christian know these things as well. The proper understanding of the Old Testament is vital to a healthy church. From it we learn who the Father of Jesus Christ is. Dr. Hall is married to Cheryl Thompson Hall, a graduate of Lincoln Christian College and Morehead State University. She specialized in the teaching of art and doing art therapy. They have two children, Stephanie and Nathan. The Halls enjoy traveling and family outings. Gary prefers using some of his leisure time for gardening, exercising, and playing tennis.


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Digital list price: $24.99
Save $5.00 (20%)