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Products>The Lambeth Conference: Theology, History, Polity and Purpose

The Lambeth Conference: Theology, History, Polity and Purpose

, 2017
ISBN: 9780567662323


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Originating in 1867 under the presidency of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lambeth Conference has proactively shaped the modern world by influencing areas as diverse as the ecumenical movement, post-war international relations, and the spiritual lives of hundreds of millions. A team of distinguished scholars from around the world now detail the historical legacy, theological meaning, and pastoral purpose of the Anglican Communion's decennial councils.

The next Lambeth Conference will be crucial for the Anglican Communion, which is currently afflicted by destructive tensions over matters long central to Christian identity, such as the nature of holy orders, the definition of sexual morality, and the scope of ecclesial authority. Whether in supplication or celebration, both nurtured by diverse cultural contexts and furthered by the scope of ecumenical horizons, these essays break new ground. The Lambeth Conference is a faithful testament to generations past, and a spur to the ongoing restoration of Anglican theology and devotion in the present.

A comprehensive account of the 150 year old, decennial Lambeth Conference of the bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion, providing theological analysis, historical depth and missional vision in the run-up to the 2020 Conference.

The first sustained study of the Lambeth Conference in nearly forty years
Brings together interdisciplinary resources from a team of internationally-recognized historians, theologians and bishops
Offers an authoritative overview of every essential aspect of the most important global structure in the Anglican Communion

Foreword The Archbishop of Canterbury
Editorial Preface

Part I: Theological, Historical and Constitutional Studies

1. The Lambeth Conference among the Instruments of Communion, Stephen Pickard (Charles Sturt University, Australia)
2. The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Lambeth Conference, Paul Avis (University of Exeter, UK)
3. 'This Unprecedented Step': The Royal Supremacy and the 1867 Lambeth Conference, Benjamin M. Guyer (University of Kansas, USA)
4. William Reed Huntington, American Catholicity and the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral, Mark D. Chapman (University of Oxford, UK)
5. The Making of 'An Appeal to All Christian People' at the 1920 Lambeth Conference, Charlotte Methuen (University of Glasgow, UK)
6. Christian Mission and the Lambeth Conference, Ephraim Radner (University of Toronto, Canada)
7. Episcopal Leadership in the Church of England, 1800 to the Present: Changing form, function and collegiality, Jeremy Morris (Trinity Hall Cambridge, UK)
8. Before and After Lambeth I.10: The Lambeth Conference on Sex and Marriage, Andrew Goddard (Trinity College, Bristol, UK)
9. The Windsor Process and the Anglican Covenant, Gregory K. Cameron (Diocese of St Asaph, Wales)
10. The Resolutions of the Lambeth Conference and the Laws of Anglican Churches, Norman Doe (Cardiff University, UK) and Richard Deadman

Part II: Personal, Pastoral and Political Perspectives

11. 'Such Unfolding of the Truth of the Gospel': Post-colonial Reflections on the Missiological Dimension of the Lambeth Conference, Cathy Ross (Rippon College Cuddesdon, UK)
12. 'The Household of Faith': Anglican Obliquity and the Lambeth Conference, Martyn Percy (Christ Church Oxford, UK)
13. The Lambeth Conference: Has it succeeded? Can it survive?, Mark D. Thompson (Moore Theological College, Australia)
14. The Ecumenical Dimension of the Lambeth Conference, Mary Tanner
15. The Methodologies of the Lambeth Conference 1998 and 2008: The Impact of Process on Spiritual Discernment, Alyson Barnett-Cowan (Canadian Council of Churches, Canada)
16. Critical Solidarity: Roman Catholic Perspectives on the Lambeth Conference, Donald Bolen (Canada)
17. Remembering our Future at the Lambeth Conference, Victoria Matthews (Canada)

Index of Subjects
Index of Names

I commend this book of essays and hope that others will read them carefully as a preparation for further reflection on the Lambeth Conference and its part in the complex web of relationship in the Anglican Communion.

An excellent examination of the history of the Lambeth Conference and of the role it has played in the life of the Anglican Communion.

This collection includes a wealth of invaluable material ... A clear gathering together of teaching over a period of one hundred and fifty years.

This book could hardly be more timely. It is essential reading for Anglicans as we pray, plan and look forward to the Lambeth Conference of 2020. The essays tackle the questions often raised about the Lambeth Conference: its origin; its place alongside the other Instruments of Communion; its purpose and value to the Communion and Church Universal. It also considers what we can learn from earlier meetings of the Lambeth Conference. These issues are addressed historically, theologically, sociologically, and scripturally. A 'must-read' for members of the Lambeth 2020 Design Group, Primates' Task Group, Anglican Consultative Council, and bishops, as well as our theological institutions. Reading this book will inform the contributions of everyone involved in planning and preparing for Lambeth 2020, and help to produce a fruitful Conference.

As one of the Instruments of Communion of the Anglican family, the Lambeth Conferences hold a unique and important place; the development of the Communion can be traced through their history and witness. This compilation of essays by Anglican historians, theologians, clergy, lay leaders and an ecumenical partner explores that history, and the activities of the Conferences, with a pungent honesty. This collection is an invaluable resource that I highly commend to those both within and beyond the Anglican Communion, as we continue to foster the unity of the Communion. It is only through an honest examination of our past that we will find our way into a healthy, vibrant future in witness to the Gospel.

As Lambeth 2020 gets closer, this book is an excellent contribution to preparations for the Conference, anchoring it in the tradition of its predecessors and analysing not only where the Conference has been but where it may go in the future.

A most welcome resource for those wishing to understand the theology, history, and future possibilities of the Lambeth Conference in the run-up to Lambeth 2020 and beyond.

Paul Avis served as General Secretary of the Church of England's Council for Christian Unity (1998-2011). He is Honorary Professor of Theology at the University of Durham, UK, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK, and Editor-in-Chief of Ecclesiology.

Benjamin M. Guyer is Lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy at the University of Tennessee Martin, USA and gained his doctorate from the University of Kansas, USA. He is editor of Pro Communione: Theological Essays on the Anglican Covenant.


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    Digital list price: $42.25
    Save $19.01 (45%)