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Hellenistic Greek Poetry Collection (6 vols.)

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The Hellenistic Greek Poetry collection contains the works of some of the most prominent writers of the second and third centuries BC—dramatic epics and tragedies, as well as hymns and poems about love, hardship, and everyday life. Apollonius Rhodius’ The Argonautica is an epic story composed of 5,835 hexameter verses describing Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece. It draws on the literary traditions of Homer, Pindar, and Euripides while weaving an innovative and complex narrative that includes geography, religion, ethnography, mythology, adventure, exploration, and human psychology. This collection is for anyone who wants to study, learn, and enjoy poetry from the Hellenistic Greek era.

This collection contains the complete texts in their Loeb Classical Library editions. Each text is included in its original Greek, with an English translation for side-by-side comparison. Use Logos’ language tools to go deeper into the Greek with linked translations, definitions, and pronunciation tools. You can also use the dictionary lookup tool to examine difficult English words. Quick and easy access to maps and charts, as well as definitions and lexical information, allows you to understand Hellenistic poetry like never before.

Key Features

  • Insightful and scholarly poetry from the Hellenistic era
  • Original Greek texts and English translations
  • Loeb Classical Library editions

Product Details

  • Title: Hellenistic Greek Poetry Collection
  • Series: Loeb Classical Library
  • Publisher: William Heinemann
  • Volumes: 6
  • Pages: 1,603
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About the Authors

Callimachus was a teacher of grammar and poetry in Alexandria.

Lycophron was a contemporary of Callimachus in Alexandria where he became supervisor of the comedies included in the new library. He wrote a treatise and composed tragedies and other poetry.

Aratus was a didactic poet at the court of Antigonus Gonatas of Macedonia, where he wrote his famous astronomical poem Phaenomena (Appearances).

Apollonius Rhodius was a librarian in Alexandria and is best known for his epic poem The Argonautica.


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    Collection value: $59.94
    Save $24.95 (41%)

    Gathering interest