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Oxford History of the Christian Church (16 vols.)

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The Oxford History of the Christian Church provides a full survey of Christian churches and their part in humanity’s religious heritage. These accessible and engaging accounts of church history span both the globe and history from apostolic times to the present day. Eminent scholars provide fresh narratives on topics such as the Reformation and the East-West schism, as well as groundbreaking single-volume studies of Christianity in Africa and India. The authors pay particular attention to the place of the church in surrounding society, the institutions of church life, manifestations of popular religion, the link between forms of national culture, and the intellectual tradition within Europe and beyond.

Logos Bible Software connects these 16 volumes with one another, as well as the rest of your resources. Fully indexed books enable near-instant search results and connect concepts throughout your library.

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  • Accessible yet authoritative volumes assembled by church history experts
  • Historical accounts with both global and local perspectives
  • Trusted scholarship on topics familiar and foreign, from the Reformation to Indian Christianity
  • Title: Oxford History of the Christian Church
  • Editors: Henry and Owen Chadwick
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Volumes: 16
  • Pages: 9,854
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Henry Chadwick was a leading historian of the early church and was appointed regius professor at both the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Owen Chadwick is a prominent historian of Christianity and was regius professor of modern history at Cambridge.


5 ratings

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  1. Jeff O'Neal

    Jeff O'Neal


    Apparently throwing in a book authored by a female enhances its value to most of churchianity today where the idol of feminism reigns supreme. But the Bible is not the least bit unclear about whether a woman should speak, teach, or exercise authority in the ekklesia.
  2. kentuckyliz



    Really good set of Christian history books!
  3. Peter_G



    When Logos has the monopoly in their own products, and may set the price at whatever they choose, the concept of "discount" loses most of its meaning, n'est-ce pas?
  4. Faithlife User
  5. Thomas F. Shea
    What a fabulous collection!!! The price is right for a parish library. In fact, the price is almost a "giveaway" for these volumes with the incredible study enhancement of Logos thrown in. Unfortunately, it's out of my range on a fixed income. I hope that the $399 price tag speeds it into production for those who have been able to pre-order it.
  6. Randy Kyle

    Randy Kyle


    You are on crack if you think that price is anywhere reasonable.


Collection value: $1,068.84
Save $568.85 (53%)
Starting at $41.70/mo at checkout