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Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament | ZECNT (15 vols.)

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Examine the Greek New Testament in unparalleled depth with the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament (ZECNT). This is the only commentary series with a theology in application section and identification of the main idea for each section. Each volume provides an exegetical outline with verse-by-verse commentary, designed to offer the most thorough examination of the text and themes of Scripture.

The aim of the series is not to review and critique every possible interpretation of a passage, but rather to exegete each passage of Scripture succinctly in its grammatical and historical context. Each passage is interpreted in the light of its biblical setting with attention to grammatical detail, literary context, flow of biblical argument, and historical setting. These texts are written primarily for pastors and Bible teachers, but its attention to contemporary issues in the church makes it a focused resource for anyone teaching, preaching, or studying these passages.

Acts by Eckhard J. Schnabel won the Christian Book Award for best Bible Reference of 2013

  • Examines the biblical text in its original context
  • Provides verse-by-verse commentary
  • Includes thorough introductions
  • Literary Context: A brief discussion of how the passage functions in the broader literary context of the book.
  • Main Idea: A one- or two-sentence statement of the big idea or central thrust of the passage.
  • Translation and Graphical Layout: Presents each commentator’s translation of the Greek text in a graphical layout to help the reader visualize, and thus better understand, the flow of thought within the text.
  • Structure: Describes the flow of thought in the passage and explains how certain interpretive decisions regarding the relationship of the clauses were made in the passage.
  • Exegetical Outline: The overall structure of the passage is described in a detailed exegetical outline. This will be particularly helpful for those who are looking for a way to concisely explain the flow of thought in the passage in a teaching or preaching setting.
  • Explanation of the Text: Commentators examine words and images, grammatical details, relevant Old Testament and Jewish background to a particular concept, historical and cultural context, important text-critical issues, and various interpretive issues that surface.
  • Theology in Application: The theological message of the passage is summarized. The author discusses the theology of the text in terms of its place within the book and in a broader biblical-theological context.
  • Finally, each commentator provides some suggestions on what the message of the passage is for the church today.
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2 ratings

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  1. Chip Krolik

    Chip Krolik


    I very much like this series. I like how the commentators begin with a breakdown of the text into main ideas and subordinate thoughts; a technique I learned in Inductive Study. Then the sections are explained using the Greek text as well as English translation. I am very much looking forward to the Hebrews volume as well as I & II Peter and Jude.
  2. Samuel Abdo

    Samuel Abdo



Collection value: $557.85
Save $82.86 (14%)
Starting at $39.91/mo at checkout