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A Commentary on Proverbs

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The Book of Proverbs has long been a favorite of believers. A practical guide for daily living, Proverbs integrates godliness with everyday life. The book deals with man’s relationships with others, both in and away from work, family relationships, economic principles, and civil areas of life. When rightly understood, Proverbs—the most practical of the wisdom books—gives the reader guidance in living a life that pleases God.

With the Logos edition of this volume you can perform powerful searches and access a wealth of information quickly and easily! Hovering over Scripture references displays the text from the original Hebrew and Aramaic—or your preferred English translation—and you can link the commentaries to the other commentaries in your digital library for accurate research and a fuller understanding of the Bible. Pastors, students, scholars, and general readers will find this volume a welcome and essential aid to a better understanding of this key book.

  • Features thorough and sound exegesis of the biblical text
  • Includes extensive bibliographies and notes
  • Provides verse-by-verse exegesis
  • Part 1: Prologue to the Solomonic Proverbs, 1:1–9:18
  • Part 2: First Collection of Solomonic Proverbs, 10:1–24:34
  • Part 3: Second Collection of Solomonic Proverbs, 25:1–29:27
  • Part 4: Appendices to the Solomonic Proverbs, 30:1–31:31
  • Subject Studies
  • Title: A Commentary on Proverbs
  • Author: Peter A. Steveson
  • Publisher: BJU Press
  • Publication Date: 2001
  • Pages: 518

Peter A. Steveson received his PhD in Old Testament interpretation from Bob Jones University, where he served as Professor of English Bible until his retirement. With experience as both a Bible teacher and Christian school administrator, Steveson has also served as the commentator on Viewpoint, his own daily radio program aired internationally. Steveson is the author of several commentaries, as well as a book on evangelism, Christ’s Last Command.