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Benedictine Studies Collection (11 vols.)

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This collection is not only a key resource for studying Benedictine monasticism, but also offers a pivotal look at one of the most powerful influences in Western Christianity. St. Benedict’s monastic Rule guided the minds that led Europe out of the early middle ages, the “dark night in history” (according to Pope Benedict XVI) following the dissolution of the Roman empire. Throughout history, Benedict’s Rule guided Christians more than any other monastic writing—even today, 1,500 years after its writing, Regula Sancti Benedicti is the most widely used monastic rule used by monks and monasteries. For this, Benedict is remembered as the protector of Europe.

With both primary and secondary sources on Benedict’s Rule, this collection contains everything needed for an exegetical or spiritual study on the Rule. Meticulous commentaries accompany English and Latin translations of the Rule, expounding on each of the 73 chapters. The anonymously-written sixth-century Rule of the Master, which profoundly inspired Benedict’s Rule, also packs this historic collection. Additionally, St. Jerome’s earliest translation of the Psalms from Greek to Latin, used for the Liturgy of the Hours and other forms of meditation, is included. A bibliography of historic and contemporary resources will help to take your studies even further.

Logos gives you unique and intelligent ways to study these texts. With the exegetical and linguistic prowess of Logos Bible Software, every word in every text becomes a link to Latin and English dictionaries, commentaries, and other original-language resources.

Key Features

  • Two translations and three commentaries on Benedict’s Rule
  • The Latin and English text of the anonymous Rule of the Master
  • St. Jerome’s Latin translation of the Psalms, the earliest ever written

Product Details

  • Title: Benedictine Studies Collection
  • Publisher: Liturgical Press
  • Volumes: 11
  • Pages: 2,912
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  1. Harry Hagan

    Harry Hagan


    I have owned this collection for more than ten years, and I have found it invaluable for both teaching and scholarship. I can't imagine trying to do scholarship on the Rule without this. I highly recommend it.
  2. Rt Rev. Benedict Churchill, Ph.D.


Collection value: $119.65
Save $29.66 (24%)