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Patrologia Syriaca (vols. 1–2) and Orientalis (vols. 1–14, 16)

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Delve into the rich and profoundly important life of the ancient Eastern Church with the Patrologia Syriaca and Patrologia Orientalis. These important texts of Scripture and the Church Fathers in Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Greek, Georgian, Slavonic, and Syriac contain a vast wealth of invaluable material for anyone interested in textual criticism, the original languages, and especially Patristics. For those interested in church history, historical theology, or systematics, the theological writings, homilies, and letters of the first Fathers of the Eastern Church provide a firsthand understanding of the heresies and related controversies that raged in the Church’s most formative years.

In 1886, Professor Rene Graffin embarked on the enormous task of compiling the writings of the Church Fathers not included in the monumental works of J. P. Migne—the Patrologia Latina and Patrologia Graeca. This resulted in the Patrologia Syriaca which provided the writings of the Syriac Church Fathers with Latin translations on facing pages. In 1897 at the Oriental Congress, a decision was made to begin the work of the Patrologia Orientalis which would include the Syriac writings of the church as well as texts in Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Greek, Georgian, and Slavonic. While new volumes of the Patrologia Orientalis are still in progress, this Logos collection of the Patrologia Syriaca and Patrologia Orientalis offers 17 vols. and provides nearly 12,000 pages of important early church documents and histories, theological and homiletic works, and critical editions and translations of Scripture and the Apocrypha in several ancient languages along with Latin or French translations on facing pages. Read texts by Athanasius preserved in Ethiopic, the history of John attributed to Mark, the life of Luke and other biblical figures, or the Armenian version of Irenaeus. Along with these important original texts, helpful introductions and notes are also included in Latin and French.

With the Logos edition, you get vols. 1–2 of the Patrologia Syriaca and vols. 1–14 and 16 of the Patrologia Orientalis. This collection will provide you with a searchable text integrated into the rest of your Logos library to expand your corpus of original-language writings. (Morphological tagging may be added later depending on interest.) You will be able to compare the original text of the Bible to its ancient translations with a click for deeper understanding of its historical interpretation and transmission. Enhance your exegetical and theological studies by being conversant with these important historical writings in their original languages.

Be sure to also get Migne's monumental works on the Latin and Greek Fathers, the Patrologiae Cursus Completus: Series Latina (221 vols.) and the Patrologiae Cursus Completus: Series Graeca (167 vols.).

Key Features

  • An extensive collection of writings from the Fathers and Doctors of the Eastern Church in their original languages
  • Over 12,000 pages of primary source documents in Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Greek, Georgian, Slavonic, and Syriac with translations
  • Introductions, discourses, and critical apparatuses for the writings of the Eastern Fathers

Praise for the Print Edition

Scholars fluent in the original Greek and Latin and other languages have long enjoyed and benefited from the high quality of textual work in . . . Patrologia Orientalis, and Patrologia Syriaca.

The Rebirth of Orthodoxy: Signs of New Life in Christianity, by Thomas C. Oden

Exegetes have paid astonishingly little attention to this collection.

Apocryphal Gospels: An Introduction, by Hans-Josef Klauck

Product Details

  • Title: Patrologia Syriaca (vols. 1-2) and Orientalis (vols. 1-14, 16)
  • Editors: René Graffin, Francois Nau, Max de Saxe
  • Publisher: Firmin-Didot et socii
  • Volumes: 17
  • Pages: 12,725
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About René Graffin

René Graffin (1800–1875) studied at the French Seminary in Rome and then at Innsbruck. He then became professor of Syriac studies at the Institute Catholique in Paris and has contributed much to the study and editing of Christian texts in Eastern Christian languages. He was also editor of Revue de l’Orient chrétien from 1896 to 1940.

About Francois Nau

Francois Nau (1864–1931) studied at the Seminary of Saint Sulpice. He was ordained as a priest in 1887 and received his doctorate in 1897. From 1890 to 1931, he served as professor of mathematics at the Institute Catholique of Paris, where he was appointed dean of the School of Sciences in 1928. He studied Syriac and wrote extensively on Eastern Patristics. Alongside Rene Graffin, he served as the secretary and then director of Revue de l’Orient chrétien from 1905 to 1911 and 1911 to 1919, respectively.

About Max de Saxe

Max de Saxe (1870–1951) was a prince of Saxony. He studied law at Freibourg im Breisgau and Dresden and theology at Würzburg. In 1896, he renounced his rights to the throne and instead pursued pastoral ministry and teaching. He served as professor of liturgy at the University of Freibourg from 1900 to 1912. Interested in reunification between the Eastern and Western Churches, he learned Russian, Syriac, and Armenian and sought ecumenical inroads between the traditions. From 1921 to 1951, he served as professor of oriental civilization at the University of Freibourg.


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    Zack Sweden


    Please we need this, thank you!
  2. Bob Venem

    Bob Venem


    While gathering interest to gauge the potential market is a prudent business decision, how many people who have NOT shown interest would purchase this outright if it was already available?
  3. Safwat Shaker
    Do they have them in Arabic ?
  4. DarkiYahu - Anders Erichsen
    Do there exist an English Translations of all these texts? Like how many knows Arabic, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopic, Greek, Georgian, Slavonic, and Syriac.... Oh, so many writings there exits - not only is there the western collection and much outside and now all the eastern stuff.
  5. Jim McGarigle
    I think the per volume cost is a little high compared to the Greek & Latin sets. Those other sets are priced at about $1.13 per volume for the Latin set and approx $1.50 per vol for the Greek set. The Syriac / Orientalis set is going for about $8.25 per book.
  6. Columbcille Dougherty
    I would love to see this with English text as well!


Collection value: $339.66
Save $249.67 (73%)

Gathering interest