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Basic Theology

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, 1999


From the editor of the popular Ryrie Study Bible comes a systematic approach to Christian theology that will prove edifying to any class of theologian, be they pastor or plumber. In Basic Theology, Ryrie has taken the daunting topic of theology and created an even-handed introduction to and reference for a variety of major theological concerns, giving the reader a sturdy foothold for their faith and a powerful weapon against heresy and unfounded interpretations of God’s Word.

There is nothing wrong with being an amateur theologian or a professional theologian. There is everything wrong, however, with being an ignorant or sloppy theologian. As Christians, our thoughts about God need to coincide with what He’s said about Himself in the Bible. The phrase “sound doctrine” that Paul used means healthy doctrine (e.g., 2 Timothy 4:3; Titus 1:9). Healthy doctrine or healthy theology is always expected to result in holy living.

Written with a clear understanding of the Scriptures and an unpretentious style, Charles Ryrie’s classic Basic Theology is a standard text for many Bible students and pastors. In fact, Ryrie's theology is required reading for a variety of seminary courses. The work's clear, thoughtful language and concise exposition of topics make Basic Theology an easy to understand introduction to systematic theology for the layperson. It also serves as a handy and compact reference for the theologian or scholar.

This edition features 94 chapters arranged in outline style for easy reference. It also includes charts, definitions, scripture and subject indices to guide you to a clear and comprehensive picture of Ryrie's approach to systematic theology. Considerable attention is given to the dispensational view of the end times.

Reading this book will help you begin to think about how God wants to conform you to the image of Christ. Designed with personal application in mind, Basic Theology will provide you with sound theology, which in turn produces holy living.

  • A basic handbook of theology written in plain English for every Christian
  • A systematic overview of the Bible’s major doctrines, including God, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, the church, Satan, sin, salvation, man, angels, demons, events to come and more
  • A glossary of theological terms
  • A list of key Scripture passages for the study of theology
Theology is for everyone. Indeed, everyone needs to be a theologian. In reality, everyone is a theologian-of one sort or another. And therein lies the problem. . . .

—Charles C. Ryrie

Praise for the Print Edition

Ryrie’s greatest legacy may well be making the Scriptures he reveres more understandable to lay people.

—Larsen T. Bebbington

  • Title: Ryrie’s Basic Theology
  • Author: Charles Caldwell Ryrie
  • Publisher: Moody
  • Print Publication Date: 1999
  • Logos Release Date: 2006
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  • Language: English
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Charles Caldwell Ryrie (A.B., Haverford College; Th.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Edinburgh; Litt.D., Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary) is a key figure in the theology of dispensationalism. He is Professor Emeritus at Dallas Theological Seminary and former professor at Philadelphia Biblical University. He is the author of over 25 books, including the best-selling Ryrie Study Bible, Balancing the Christian Life, Dispensationalism, Survey of Bible Doctrine and What You Should Know About Inerrancy.