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Certainty: A Place to Stand

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Certainty: A Place to Stand is a critique of the Emergent Church movement—a movement that began in the late twentieth century and has moved across the world in the past decade. The views of the Emergent Church are postmodern, stressing individualism, experience-based faith, and a lack of absolutes in matters of doctrine. While there are a number of praiseworthy effects that have arisen from this movement, there are still matters of great concern to Bible-believing Christians. Of note among these is the tendency to either undervalue, or even reject, certainty about matters of Christian belief. It is in this context that Dr. Richison writes this noteworthy critique of the Emergent Church. Certainty: A Place to Stand should be read by all Christians concerned about where the church is headed today.

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Resource Experts
  • Analyzes the Emergent Church movement
  • Addresses concerns about the evangelical church’s future
  • Loss of Certainty among Evangelicals: A Sad Story
  • The Great Evangelical Disaster Fulfilled
  • Fraternities Living in Isolation: Conciliation and Capitulation to Culture
  • Renouncing Certainty: Rejecting Certainty via Philosophical Assumptions
  • Preference for Perspective: Perspective of Self Precludes Certainty
  • Let Your Yea be Yea: Correlation Between Truth and Certainty
  • Is There Certainty Anywhere?: Relationship of Propositions to Certainty
  • There Is Certainty Somewhere: Source for Certainty—A Watershed Issue
  • A Place To Stand: A Pou Sto
  • Source of Certainty: Extant Statements from Scripture about Certainty
  • Evangelical Identity Crisis: Redefining Evangelicalism
  • Reaching Those Without A Place To Stand: Reaching Postmoderns

Top Highlights

“Diminishing doctrine to opinion or personal perspective carries unintended consequences. Reducing truth to personal perspective has devastating implications on the authority of the Bible.” (Page 17)

“All knowledge is relative, so we cannot come to certainty about truth” (Page 27)

“Because practice takes priority over theology, emergent church adherents go to people to find a practice that fits their needs. This is what they mean by ‘missional.’ Their mission determines their theology. They begin with mission, and a theology emerges out of it.” (Page 23)

“This form of open-mindedness does not identify with open discourse but with the conclusions of skepticism. It” (Page 25)

“the means whereby emergents use disciplines such as mysticism to make them feel closer to God” (Page 20)

No one thinks more clearly than Grant Richison about matters of biblical authority, truth, and certainty. Here is a firm place to stand, a logical analysis of how far we have drifted and where we should be. I commend this book to you to stretch your thinking and find a firm anchor for your faith.

Erwin W. Lutzer, senior pastor, The Moody Church

In a day when the evangelical trumpet is making an uncertain sound, every Christian leader needs to read this book. It shows the need to be anchored to the Rock in our efforts to be geared to the times. At no time in our generation has there been a greater need and a clearer call to return to a surer foundation than that which is laid for our faith.

Norman L. Geisler, professor of apologetics, Veritas Evangelical Seminary

Beginning with precise definitions of pertinent terms, Dr. Richison launches his survey of contemporary and subtle threats to the Christian message in the world today. His rich background as a pastor, theologian, and international leader provides a much-needed and relevant perspective on imprecise and dangerous teachings confronting believers and threatening their understanding of the Gospel. His ‘watchman on the wall’ clarion call is a must-read for Christians everywhere.

William E. Nix, president, The Electronic Bible Society

  • Title: Certainty: A Place to Stand
  • Author: Grant C. Richison
  • Publisher: Grant C. Richison
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • Pages: 320

Grant C. Richison is a highly experienced pastor, lecturer, and Bible expositor. Dr. Richison has been senior pastor of three churches from 1965 to 1992. His most recent pastorate was at Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, where, for a 20-year period, he had oversight of a ministry that grew to be one of the largest churches in Canada. Dr. Richison has taught at William Tyndale College, Providence Theological Seminary, Northwest Baptist Seminary, International School of Theology, and Briercrest Graduate School. He was the interim president of Campus Crusade Canada and served as a speaker, writer, and theologian for Campus Crusade. Currently, he has a world-wide lecture ministry with Advancing Native Missions (US) and Advancing Indigenous Missions (Canada). He is a Vice-President of Advancing Indigenous Missions (CA). He is the author of the Verse-by-Verse Commentary series.


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