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A Compendious Syriac Grammar

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This is the most complete reference grammar of Syriac in the English language. It is cited hundreds of times by various Hebrew reference grammars already available from Logos, making it a useful tool for comparative Semitics as well as studying the Syriac Bible and Syriac Church Fathers.

With Logos Bible Software, this volume is completely searchable, with passages of Scripture appearing on mouseover, as well as being linked to your favorite Bible translation in your library. This makes this text more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study. With the advanced search features of Logos Bible Software, you can perform powerful searches by topic or Scripture reference.

Resource Experts
  • Prefaces to the first and second editions
  • Table of characters
  • Bibliographical references and indexes

Top Highlights

“Edessa became more and more the capital of purely Aramaic Christianity” (Page xxxii)

  • Title: Compendious Syriac Grammar
  • Author: Theodor Nöldeke
  • Translator: James A. Crichton
  • Publisher: Williams & Norgate
  • Publication Date: 1904
  • Pages: 336


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  1. Tobias Gerbothe

    Tobias Gerbothe


    Some first thoughts about this Logos edition. I own the 2nd german ed. with Schall's Appendix in print (1966) (I'd love to have this in Logos, but I'm not dreaming, that there are enough people wanting that to produce it.) Based on the description of the Logos edition one will think to only buy the english translation of the 2nd ed. In fact there is also a translation of Schall's appendix (which are Nöldeke's handwritten notes in his own copy.) That's great, BUT what is missing is a link (or at least some sign) that there is a note (addition or correction.) In my printed copy there are bold numbers in the margin, the english translations says to give F plus page number of the appendix. I didn't found that in the main text. It would be great, if there was a link to hover over (like a footnote) and read the note. In the present form the only use case I am aware of, is that the text of the appendix is searchable and may give an unexpected result, if you e.g. search "all books". P.S. I hope such linking gets done for all "corrigenda", at least in grammars and lexicons
  2. M. David Johnson


Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)