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Augsburg Fortress World Religions Collection (2 vols.)

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The Augsburg Fortress World Religions Collection presents a unique look at how various religions—Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Native American faiths—interact with each other and with the Christian tradition. The Dialogue Comes of Age examines Christianity’s relationship with other faiths, illustrating ways Christians can relate and dialogue with practitioners of other religions and analyzing what other religions can contribute to a Christian self-understanding. The Emergence of Islam provides an introduction to Islam’s history, tracing Muhammad’s early life and the Qur’an’s origins, development, structure, and meaning. This collection offers advice on how to witness to loved ones who differ in faith.

With the Logos Bible Software edition of the Augsburg Fortress World Religions Collection, you have unprecedented access to resources that offer relatable and insightful material for your study. You can do hours of biblical research with the simple click of a mouse. With powerful searching by topic or Bible passage, instantly viewable Scripture references, a vast library of resources, and much more, Logos is the perfect software to expand your understanding of world religions.

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Key Features

  • Presents an introduction to various world religions: Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Native American faiths
  • Analyzes each religion’s history, beliefs, and practices
  • Provides practical advice for ministering to practitioners of different religions

Product Details

  • Title: Augsburg Fortress World Religions Collection
  • Publisher: Augsburg Fortress
  • Volumes: 2
  • Pages: 490
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  1. Jeff O'Neal

    Jeff O'Neal


    "Theologian John B. Cobb Jr. and historian Ward M. McAfee, experts in the Progressive Christians Uniting group," Look up the Progressive Christians Uniting group before you make a decision to purchase. While you are browsing their site you can pick up a gender-inclusive bathroom sign for your churchianity building.


Collection value: $51.90
Save $11.91 (22%)