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Products>Listen, Listen, Speak: Hearing God and Being Heard in a Noisy World

Listen, Listen, Speak: Hearing God and Being Heard in a Noisy World

ISBN: 9781546005018


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Award-winning author and pastor of WestGate Church gives thoughtful, Biblical guidance for how to hear God and share His love in a culture of noise.
The effects of social media and the news are felt deeply in our day-to-day lives. The countless voices—the pundits, the influencers, the personalities—offering opinions and spewing vitriol nonstop have created a cacophony of chaos. It’s difficult to know what’s true or who to trust. It’s difficult to hear God and be heard.

In this book, pastor and author Jay Kim offers thoughtful, concrete guidance for how to listen amidst the noise, hear God, and then speak Good News so to be heard. Drawing on Scripture, social science, and cultural exegesis, Kim helps readers:

  • Listen through prayer, reading the Bible, and participating in the church
  • Better understand the environment and effects of social media, news media, and politics
  • Share the Good News in this environment, encouraging those in your day-to-day life

Practical, biblical, and eminently wise, Listen, Listen, Speak is an indispensable guidebook for Christians living in our culture today. It will equip you to not just speak into the chaos with the love of Jesus but, more importantly, to listen—to one another and to God.

"Jay Kim…has listened deeply to Jesus and Scripture, and has keenly observed culture and technology. Listen, Listen, Speak is wise guidance in a rudderless world."—John Ortberg, Author and Speaker

"Jay Kim does it again in Listen, Listen, Speak. He equips us to navigate communication and media pressures which are unrelenting and increasing…Jay brings a tone, clarity, and humor that is water to a thirsty soul. I highly recommend Listen, Listen, Speak."—Steve Cuss, Founder of Capable Life and Author of Managing Leadership Anxiety

"So much of our political dysfunction is the result not only of theological failure but spiritual malformation – and this book powerfully addresses both. Jay Kim has given the church the gift of theology that looks beyond the presenting problems of the moment and engages the deeper causes. Listen, Listen, Speak is a thoughtful guide to faithful living today."—Kaitlyn Schiess, Author of The Ballot and the Bible

"Somewhere amidst all the noise of opinions and divisions, we stopped listening. And we stopped speaking for fear that we too would simply add to the fray. But Jay Kim, as he so often does, offers us a better way…This is a book for our moment."—Glenn Packiam, Lead Pastor at Rock Harbor and Author of The Resilient Pastor

"Listen, Listen, Speak is a fresh word. This book is not the same old message about avoiding social media and the news, or escaping from the 'placeless places' that are discipling us. Rather, author and pastor Jay Kim beckons the reader to stay rooted in holy listening, in the actual places we are planted, and in God's very real presence--so that when we finally speak, we do so as the 'Good News' people God has declared us to be. Imagine quieting the noise of your world long enough to truly listen to it. This is the beautiful paradox Jay Kim invites the willing reader into."—Aubrey Sampson, Pastor and Author of The Louder Song and Known

"Listen, Listen, Speak will soothe your overactive, anxious amygdala with the promise of a God who sees, speaks, and hears. Kim graciously calls Christians to tame the tongue with transgressive, expansive love. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for sanity amidst so much noise."—Patrick Miller, Pastor, Podcaster, and Author of Truth Over Tribe

"We live in a speak first, listen later world. Jay’s book title alone is challenging but the content is transforming. If you’ve been looking for a way to hear from God amid all the chaos, this book is for you."—Ashley Wooldridge, Senior Pastor of Christ's Church of the Valley

"In a world that is constantly talking (more accurately, shouting), how do we listen? Not just to others, but to the voice of God? I love what my brother, Jay, shares with us in Listen, Listen, Speak. Jay gives us wisdom and practical advice on how to navigate the chaos we have to sift through every day. I honestly feel like this book was written for me. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!"—Adam Weber, Lead Pastor of Embrace Church, Author, and Podcast Host

"With compassion and conviction, Jay Kim cuts through the noise of our day and gives us hope, vulnerability, and a path forward. I found myself pausing and praying to attune my ears and heart to God because of Jay's refreshing perspective."—Amy Seiffert, Bible Teacher and Author of Starved and Grace Looks Amazing on You

"Jay Kim writes a wonderfully personal reflection done with deep biblical and cultural insight, helping us understand the role of listening to the Gentle Whispers of the Lord God in the cacophony of our world before moving to speaking the good news of Jesus with a voice constantly curated by Word and Spirit in the community of the King."—Gerry Breshears, Professor of Theology at Western Seminary

"Jay has written a book that is a must read in our current cultural mood. Followers of Jesus must lead the way in breaking from our digital addictions and becoming communities that know how to listen with love and speak with truth. I'm thankful for this book and highly recommend it."—Dave Lomas, Pastor at Reality SF and Author of The Truest Thing About You

"In Listen, Listen, Speak, Jay Kim expertly pastors readers through what it means to reclaim our prophetic voice as beloved humanity. By elevating the practices of prayer, Scripture reading, and community participation, Kim also serves as an acute cultural analyst, helping us grasp how and why these ancient practices can aid in interrupting the incessant noise of today…In our increasingly loud and polarized time, this is a book you’ll want to keep close."—Ashlee Eiland, Bible teacher and Author of Human(kind) and Say Good

"In this wonderful book, Jay Kim offers spiritual simplicity as the antidote to life’s growing complexities. Prayer, the Bible, and Spiritual Community are not merely add-ons to our life with God; rather, they are what this life is built on. In an age of distraction and division, learning to listen to God and others can be your superpower and perhaps the only way you will ever have something to say."—Jarrett Stevens, Co-Founding Pastor of Soul City Church and Author of Praying Through and Four Small Words

"Listen, Listen, Speak invites us all to follow Jesus from the quiet place and then courageously live from the overflow of that place with prayerful intention to usher in the hope-filled beauty of the Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now."—Brian Wurzell, Pastor of Creative Programming at Passion City Church

  • Title: Listen, Listen, Speak: Hearing God and Being Heard in a Noisy World
  • Author: Jay Y. Kim
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • Print Publication Date: 2024
  • Logos Release Date: 2023
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Ebook
  • ISBNs: 9781546005018, 9781546004998, 1546004998, 1546005013
  • Resource ID: LLS:9781546005018
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2024-03-26T18:35:02Z

Jay Y. Kim serves as lead pastor at WestGate Church in the Silicon Valley of California and teacher-in-residence at Vintage Faith Church in Santa Cruz, California. He's the author of several books, including Analog Church and Analog Christian. His writing has been featured in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, and other publications. Jay, his wife, and their two young children call the Silicon Valley of California their home.


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