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Classic Studies on the Historical Jesus (12 vols.)

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Is the account of Jesus in the Gospels a reliable portrait of a historical figure, or an invention that needs to be demythologized? Because of the rise of higher criticism and the antisupernaturalistic presuppositions that often accompany that enterprise, modern biblical scholarship has raised the question of the historical Jesus. Some higher critical scholars saw themselves as defenders of Christianity, salvaging from the Bible what was left after modernism undercut belief in the supernatural. Others were wholly polemical toward the Bible. The methods and presuppositions of this extremely significant movement have shaped the direction of Jesus studies from the eighteenth century up to the present day. With writings from many of the major scholars that made up the so-called “first quest” for the historical Jesus—Albert Schweitzer, William Wrede, Baron d’Holbach, and others—this collection provides key primary sources for researching this subject, which has been foundational in the development of biblical and theological studies.

With the Logos edition of this collection, you can easily search for the exact data you want to find. In seconds, gather all of Schweitzer’s comments on Matthew 10. Read what all these authors have to say about the two accounts of Jesus cleansing the temple and feeding the five thousand. With Logos, all Scripture passages appear on mouseover, and any resources in your library cited in this collection are seamlessly linked together for easy reference.

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  • Classic works on the historical Jesus, all in one collection
  • Schweitzer’s overview of the field, from Reimarus to Wrede
  • Title: Classic Studies on the Historical Jesus
  • Volumes: 12
  • Pages: 3,984
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Collection value: $109.88
Save $22.89 (20%)