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Lessons in Leadership

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With Lessons in Leadership fifty respected Christian leaders share their wisdom from a lifetime of ministry. Whether you are currently training for ministry, have recently entered into a leadership role, or are looking for fresh insights on life and ministry, you will greatly benefit from the insightful counsel of these pastors, ministry leaders, and professors.

From the Introduction to the print edition:

Why another book on leadership? Hasn’t this topic been more than adequately addressed by both secular and sacred writers over the past three decades? What more could possibly be said without merely rehearsing the familiar?

As a faculty member and administrator at a seminary that exists to prepare evangelical ministry leaders, I am constantly seeking out texts and other resources that might help me contribute to the task of leadership development. As a result, dozens of books on leadership sit on my shelves. But there is one type of book that I have been unable to find, namely, a volume comprised of wisdom acquired “on the job” by a variety of respected evangelical leaders. For while some elements of leadership theory and practice can be learned in a classroom, other dynamics of leadership can best—perhaps only—be learned through “real life” interactions between leaders and those they are seeking to lead. I knew there would be significant interest in what lessons effective Christian leaders have learned in the school of life. But how might that wisdom be compiled and made accessible to others who will succeed them as the next generation of ministry leaders? Pursuing the answer to that question has led to this volume.

I began by developing a list of more than one hundred evangelical ministry leaders who I felt had something distinctive and important to share about leadership effectiveness. I sought to include representatives of the diversity found in contemporary evangelicalism...

I then sent invitations to this pool of potential contributors, asking them to consider prayerfully submitting a letter of response to the question: “What have you learned about ministry leadership that you wished you had learned earlier?” I asked them to imagine that queslion being posed by a person who was either preparing for leadership or who had just assumed that role. I suggested a potential response of approximately 1,500 words that could either develop a single topic in some depth or address a variety of topics more briefly.

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Top Highlights

“Second, I wish someone had told me that learning to listen well is the key both to true understanding and to trusting relationships among Christian leaders and followers. Listening well means active listening.” (Page 27)

“Take care not to put words in His mouth or ascribe to Him things that do not belong to Him, but have an ear to hear what truly comes from Him. Study the Bible to know the sound of His voice and the priorities of His kingdom, and then listen to the subjective leading of His Spirit in your heart.” (Page 16)

“Similarly, God’s love for you is not increased by your obedience nor is it diminished by your disobedience. The exact same love that the Father has for Jesus, His Son, is also offered to you because you are hidden in Christ.” (Page 17)

“Third, I wish someone had told me to learn the fine art of reconciliation. To reconcile is to reestablish friendship between people or to resolve a dispute between people.” (Page 29)

“He told us that success is not about making money or receiving honor; rather success is finding out what God wants us to do and then doing it. He reminded us that doing God’s will is also the secret of happiness.” (Page 25)

  • Title: Lessons in Leadership
  • Author: Roberts Randal
  • Publisher: Kregel
  • Publication Date: 1999

Dr. Randal Roberts has served as president of Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon since 2008. He has also taught courses in church history, ministry, and spiritual formation since 1998. He earned his MDiv, ThM from Western Seminary and his DMin from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Roberts has served in various congregational leadership roles in  both new and established churches. He is the editor of Lessons in Leadership: Fifty Respected Evangelical Leaders Share Their Wisdom on Ministry.


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    Print list price: $13.99
    Save $1.00 (7%)