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Bibelen: Den Hellige Skrifts kanoniske Bøger (Danish Common Language Version) (CLV)

ISBN: 9788775232864


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Logos is pleased to offer the 1992 Danish Common Language version of the Bible. This version is the latest in a heritage reaching back to 1524, when King Christian II commissioned the first-ever Danish translation, modeled on Luther’s German translation. The 1992 Danish Bible replaces the 1931 Old Testament and the 1948 New Testament.

  • Translated into common Danish
  • Fully searchable and easy to use
  • Title: Bibelen: Den Hellige Skrifts kanoniske Bøger
  • Publisher: Danish Bible Society
  • Publication Date: 1992


11 ratings

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  1. Hans Kjærgaard
  2. Peter Makovini
  3. Lars Bo Olesen
  4. Alexander Jalk
    Best version

  5. Finn Kier-Hansen
    Great to have access to a Bible in my native language! It is though very obvious that a Danish Bible is not well fitted into the Logos-system developed in an English speaking enviroment.

  6. Kevin Morgan

    Kevin Morgan


    The only three starts isn't because of the actual translation itself, but because of Det Danske Bibelselskabs insatiable need to keep a monopoly on the Authorised Danish Translation of the Holy Scriptures and the Apocrypha. Most Bibles are just free and wonderfully integrated with Logos. Not this one though! Bummer that they aren't more generous with God's word.

  7. Emil Brande Bahn Petersen
  8. Gunnar Bruhn

    Gunnar Bruhn


    And looking forward to use the danish UI - before Jesus is coming to sort things out.

  9. Tobias Samuel  Kjærgaard Jacobsen
    I'm really looking forward to have this! And it's exiting to hear about upcoming danish Logos ressources Robert!

  10. Mark Banjas

    Mark Banjas




Print list price: $29.95
Save $2.96 (9%)