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Fanning the Flame: Probing Issues in Acts
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Fanning the Flame: Probing Issues in Acts


College Press 2003

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What does Scripture say about evangelism, preaching, grace, or speaking in tongues? You’ll find most of the answers in Acts. This important New Testament book is a template for how to do church.

Fanning the Flame is a collection of special studies taken from issues and events in the book of Acts. It provides a deeper understanding into the roots of the Christian faith. This is a faith-inspiring book for believers as well as a great resource for teachers. With the Logos edition of Fanning the Flame, you have easy access to Scripture texts, along with a wealth of other resources in your digital library! Hovering over Scripture references links you instantly to the verse you’re looking for, and with passage guides and a wealth of other tools from Logos, you can get into God’s Word and discover biblical insights on church leadership like never before!

Key Features

  • 19 thematic essays on Acts
  • Appendixes to further expand your understanding of Acts
  • Insight on church and outreach
  • Literary and theological studies, as well as background information on the text


  • Background Studies
    • “The Multiple Hats of Doctor Luke: The Author as Historian, Apologist, and Theologian” by Ken Neller
    • “Pinpointing the Time: Chronological and Historical Backgrounds” by Carl Bridges
    • “Digging for Truth: Archaeological Discoveries” by Dennis Gaertner
    • “Cultural Lenses from the World of Peter and Paul: Judaism: Literary Sources, Sects, and Key Beliefs” by Ken Cukrowski
    • “Hexes, Hoaxes, and Real Power: Demons, Magic, and the Occult” by Ken Cukrowski
    • “Life in the Big City: The Cultural Setting of Paul’s Evangelistic Efforts” by Mark Moore
    • “‘Customs Which Are Not Lawful’: Social Setting and Complaints against Christianity” by Greg Sterling
  • Literary Studies
    • “Speech! Speech!: The Speeches in Acts as Models for Preaching” by Ken Neller
    • “Acts Framed: Luke’s Structure for His Message” by Carroll Osburn
    • “Delving for the Treasure: Hermeneutics of Historical Precedent” by Ken Cukrowski
  • Theological Studies
    • “The Comforter Has Come with Power: A Biography of the Holy Spirit” by Mark Moore
    • “Eyeing the Tongue: What We Can Know about Speaking in Tongues” by Mark Moore
    • “Luke’s Lord Jesus: What the Apostles Preached about Christ” by Dennis Gaertner
    • “A Hope and a Future: Acts and the Things That Will Be” by Dennis Gaertner
  • Church and Outreach
  • “The Church from Birth to Toddler: Beginnings and Growth in the Book of Acts” by Carl Bridges
  • “What Must We Do to Be Saved?: Conversion in the Book of Acts” by Ken Cukrowski
  • “O Brother, Who Art Thou?: Gentile Inclusion and Racial Reconciliation” by Ken Neller
  • “Qualified Leaders—A Quality of the Heart: Church Leadership in the Book of Acts and Today” by Carl Bridges
  • “When the Enemy Is Closing In: Suffering and Persecution” by Carl Bridges

Product Details

  • Title: Fanning the Flame: Probing Issues in Acts
  • AEditor: Mark E. Moore
  • Publisher: College Press
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Pages: 396

About Mark E. Moore

Mark E. Moore has been a professor of New Testament at Ozark Christian College since 1990. In 2008 he was awarded a PhD from the University of Wales for his work on the politics of Jesus. He is also the director of the Institute for Christian Resources, a program dedicated to making Jesus famous by providing Christian resources for real life problems. Mark has authored a number of books, mostly on the Life of Christ. He is a popular speaker noted for his passion for the lost and his participation in completing the Great Commission of Christ.

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