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Products>All the Genealogies of the Bible: Visual Charts and Exegetical Commentary

All the Genealogies of the Bible: Visual Charts and Exegetical Commentary

, 2023
ISBN: 9780310536598

Digital Logos Edition

*** This Logos Edition is being updated to address tagging issues in the original release, anyone who has the resource will receive these updates as they are completed ***
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Print list price: $49.99
Save $10.00 (20%)


The Bible contains hundreds of genealogies that fulfill multiple purposes, yet the significance of these genealogies can admittedly be difficult to grasp. In All the Genealogies of the Bible, author Nancy presents every genealogy in the Bible in a simple, visual format. Esteemed biblical scholars Eugene Merrill and Andreas Kostenberger supplement Dawson’s work with brief commentary on each genealogy. Dawson works with both complete genealogies and partial lists, piecing together names in different passages to illustrate the interrelationships of various biblical characters for deeper study.

Including more than 340 genealogies, All the Genealogies of the Bible is organized in biblical order and is equipped with tools you’ll need to navigate the book easily:

A detailed table of contents

A Complete Index of Names

Comprehensive cross-referencing

A one-of-a-kind reference work, All the Genealogies of the Bible will be useful for pastors, Bible teachers, students, and anyone wanting to study the Bible more deeply from the unique vantage point of its many genealogies.

  • Presents every genealogy in the Bible in a simple, visual format
  • Provides brief commentary on each genealogy
  • Illustrates the interrelationships of various biblical characters for deeper study


4 ratings

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  1. Anderson Abreu
  2. Tim Kuhn

    Tim Kuhn


    I preordered this with high hopes. I thought the charts were pretty similar to the ones already in Logos. I didn’t find $40 worth of value in it. As others pointed out, there are hyperlink issue to. Too many other resources I could spend the $40 on, I returned it.
  3. Rick Lunn

    Rick Lunn


    Diddo with the reviewer Paul. I purchased the print edition of this book. It is very useful. So, I could not imagine not having the Logos edition for integration within Logos. So I ordered the Logos edition. To my dismay, the Logos edition does not have the copious notes that follow the majority of the genealogies. This made the Logos editon about 50% less valuable. Had to get a refund. Sorry.
  4. Paul



    I returned the order. The book itself appears great, but as others mentioned, the Logos implementation misses too much. I'll likely purchase again if Logos fixes the footnote & missing content issues. I didn't want to own the resource just wishing and hoping that the issues would be resolved.
  5. Michael P Kennedy
    Well o really enjoy reading this, as I’m no Bible scholar or pastor it’s all good for me. What would be epic if it was linked to our (timeline) feature Aww I would be doing cartwheels without my hands yep truly epic.
  6. Dudley Rose

    Dudley Rose


    Agree with Justin Langley. The notes in the embedded images aren't hyperlinked, and they are not anywhere in the resource, from what I can see. If the resource can't be fixed within the 30-day return period, I think there is no choice but to return it.
  7. Justin Langley

    Justin Langley


    The vast majority of the exegetical information supplied in this excellent resource appears to be missing from the Logos edition. Since the genealogical charts contain footnote indicators, and the charts appear to be imbedded images within the resource, Logos is unable to link those footnote indicators to the actual text supplied in the footnote in the print edition. This unfortunate issue significantly reduces the value of an electronic edition of this volume. If Logos could include the text of the footnotes on the page (the way they appear in ebook formats, perhaps), even if they cannot be linked, this resource could be salvaged.
  8. Charles Cooley

    Charles Cooley


    Very dissapointed in the delay.
  9. Marco Ceccarelli
    Unbelievable! Still postponed
  10. Seong-Hwan Kim

    Seong-Hwan Kim


    The release date has been delayed two times: Oct -> 12 Dec 23 -> 19 Dec 23. What's going on in this book?


Print list price: $49.99
Save $10.00 (20%)